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Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV


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WOW! That looks phenomenal! Fantastically clean scheme. Maybe a tiny bit of weathering to give it weight - but amazing job though.

More pictures please.

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Thanks, I thought Polar Lights was going to put something out, but haven't heard in a few years. Not that I'm in love with the odd design, but it might be good for completeness. I would love Bandai to do another pre-printed and lit version of this in scale with the others.

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(NOTE; i haven't given up on that 1/48 F-14. in fact, i'm nearly as finished with it as i'll ever be.

- i just want to get around to smoothing up some rough spots and finishing some fine-detailing before i go properly showing it around here)

(NOTE 2: i HAVE largely given up, however, on that 1/72 HASE F-14. it's just too demanding a kit for me, i feel.

- i still work on it, here and there, but i do not feel it will turn out anything as well as the 1/48 REVELL i'm working with has so far.

- we'll see, maybe a year from now, perhaps less. just please don't expect anything terribly presentable from it, in the event

- that i actually DO finish the model before the next ice-age sets in...)

(( SEE HERE for half-assed progress to date on HASE 1/72 F-14; http://i291.photobuc...F-147-20-12.jpg ))

my latest project, gonna be an easy and fun one;



-this is a simple pre-painted snap-fit. only painting i'll really have is her petticoat, (slip) ribbon on her panties,

and minor touch-up of the sprue points on her pre-painted green hair ribbon.

i paid $38 and change shipped for her, which was worth it for that adorable box-art alone, IMO. ^_^

the figure looks to promise to be very, very lovely, though, and even the manual is a very nice, enjoyable read.

as an aside, i was once a HUGE ROCKMAN/MEGA MAN fan through the early/late 1990's.

i had, and still own, EVERY ONE of the NES MM entries, from 1 through 6, as well as MMX 1,2,4,5,6, and 8.

i've both of the MM LEGENDS/ROCKMAN DASH games too, which have proven to be my favorite MM entries by far.

to date, i most greatly enjoy them, just as much today as i ever have, which is to say, a LOT.

while, on the whole, i am not quite so much the MM nut today that i was in the 90's,

this most adorable little figure kit REALLY manages to dredge up that old fan-geekiness BIG TIME,

as you may have just already surmised from my tirade here... :D

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Currently tweaking some of the old RC gubbins in preparation for the Summer gatherings. Not exactly futuristic, but they are good fun - except when the cat takes exception to them, and declares war (the Jagdpanther still wiffs from its drenching).



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Small update on the B5 Frazi today. I finally have finished the cockpit. I redid the canopy glazing after I found some much better clear butyrate and ditched the laminated stuff I made.

Here's everything all Futured prior to washes and drybrushing:



I didn't beat the cockpit up too bad. I wanted it to look converted, not like a T-34 in space. I gave it a Paynes-grayish wash followed by some light gray and yellow drybrushing where appropriate. Our driver just got some light gray drybrushing. I flatcoated with Liquitex Matte thinned in airbrush medium:



Finally, here's the frakkin' canopy in place:


As always, comments and criticisms welcomed.


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Started Yamato's 1/60 Mockingbird... Cute little kit. Just wish it had landing gear, but oh well. added a little detail to the cockpit per lineart. I decided to paint the figures (1/60, courtesy of >EXO<) as part of this project, since it also has a resin pilot. Got in the mood to model again after painting and assempling this for my friend DanBickell;



Thats an original 3D print in 1/24 of his DYRL VF-1 WIP, which can be seen here http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=34651&hl=&fromsearch=1


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