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Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV


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Still needs the roof and outer blastproof doors and offices fitted once the wiring is finished and hidden. Adding a grain of sand sized blue 0406 LED into one of the figures hands to simulate a flickering welder 

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The ceiling lights are a single 0406 LED embedded in a bead of UV cure resin. Easiest method ever for doing lights! 


I totally recommend you have a UV resin pen in your tool box. Brilliant item



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Just now, arbit said:


your turkey has delusions of grandeur sir...

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20 minutes ago, NZEOD said:

The roof is on! Roof shout!!

Nice! I'm sure it's small in size, but it has a huge look to it. Keep 'em coming.

On 11/23/2017 at 9:18 PM, electric indigo said:

Syd Mead landscape with post shading

That's some delicate shading. I wouldn't dare with my clumsy trigger finger. Did you use Vallejo or Tamiya?


After a satin coat, I used an ultra fine sanding sponge to clean up all the dust and fibers and who-knows-what I accumulated during masking. Worked out nice.

Also working on a bizarre Kaiyodo resin Neo Atlantean Skyship. I think it's neat. Yes, those are Yamato guns there.


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Those hanger are cool NZEOD! The lighting makes them realistic.

Sorry I haven't been on the boards much lately guys. I started a new career as a graphic designer/artist. So now I work all day and have harry time to get on the PC, let alone build models (on the weekend now). - MT

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That sounds great MechTech!  Congrats on the new career - not just a new job, a whole new career.  I'm excited for you and I have to admit, encouraged when I hear about folks making a change.  Gives me some hope for something along the same lines in the future.

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Thanks MickyG! Yeah, I went from being a network technician for a couple of decades to graphic design. Another reason I was offline a lot, going back to school for the degree. Now I'm doing something fun. Hopefully that encourages you more!

No photos, but my son and I successfully tested out a small rocket to fire from the ship-not on the ship yet though. I also finished the water tight compartments to fit the ship radio in. Maybe some more work this weekend. - MT

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Thanks guys! That black on black looks cool Electric Indigo!

Clean build Ignacio. Now you just have to make it look like a teenager has been piloting it in battle! - MT

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On 11/30/2017 at 1:58 AM, UN_MARINE said:

New pics!


Soooooooooooooooooooo much envy :D


now you need an 80's-style Neon display!

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A 1/12 scale Scifi Corridor build underway.

Did a quick LED light test too.

Just made a mold of the flooring panel (5 inch x6 inch) i have, so i can extend the full length and width of the corridor for this project as well.


Then will be painting, detail and adding RGB LED R/c lights to the piece.








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On 11/30/2017 at 4:08 PM, electric indigo said:

Take that, Gipsy Danger :lol:

Old school is the best! :lol:

22 hours ago, slide said:

Soooooooooooooooooooo much envy :D


now you need an 80's-style Neon display!

Thanks, slide! Display options - now that's something to think about!  :D

21 hours ago, modelglue said:

Maniacal laughter ensues.

@UN_MARINE Great work on the Robotjox mecha. It is positively cool.

Thanks, modelglue!

21 hours ago, teckno viking said:

Oh My that is Beautiful.

Great Mecha and yeah envy too hahaha

Thanks, teckno viking! Is that a custom Colonial Marine?

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Painted 5 VF-1 fighters today, all gloss white base coated then various interference coats over that.

One in Micropearl to be the 001 Rollout model

One in Gold Interference to be the 35th Anniversary

One in Blue Interference to be the 5000th fighter

One in Blue Interference to be the Blue Training VF-1 from Delta

One in Red Interference to be the Red Training VF-1 from Delta

The pigments are made by mixing a powder with a medium, in my case I used Alclad II Gloss Clear then I sprayed with over the white base. Next step is the detailing and panel lining then the Decals

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I managed to get the Black Tiger - Block 43 cleaned up and primed.  I decided to leave off the canards I had planned.  I could not get them to look right and decided discretion was the better part of valor.  I filled the canard mounts and re-scribed them.

The underwing pylons with drop tanks have been mounted.  I figured that this way, given this scale I could get a good fitting attachment underwing whose gaps will be in scale.  The ordnance on the underwing pylons and wingtip rails will be added later.


The canopy was demasked, polished and re-masked after I realized some of the tape had peeled away during handling.  The same was true for some areas on the exhaust assembly.  I also polished, colored and Futured the navigation lights on the wingtip pylons.  Here's a beauty shot:


Business end and underside:


That is all I have for now.  Comments and criticisms welcome.


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