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Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV


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That would be VF-31A Kairos Beta 05 conducting preflights on the left an VF-31A Kairos Beta 06 about to roll out on the right.

I got carried away and bought the entire squadron of 6 VF-31As and the 31S, 31C and 31J so far.

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Yea they are very nice, I myself plan to convert one of the bandai 1/72 into one..


These 31As are nice! Are you planning to make different schemes on these or just the classical grey/white as seen in the TV show ?

Leaving these little ones as they are apart from the decals as they are all going on a very busy 1/144 carrier deck.

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yes, that is from Kurisama's Shapeway store.

I washed it with warm soapy water and scrubbed with used toothbrush. Primed with tamiya light gray fine primer, sanded using 2000 grit sandpaper then re-prime. Right now, the large area are smooth and need to work (sanding) on the very small hard to reach area

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9 hours ago, chyll2 said:

Seam line removal. Tried the CA glue this time. It was frustratingly harder to sand


CA, once fully cured, is hard as hell to sand. Files are generally better @ it. You can also try switching to a rubber impregnated CA like Gorilla Glue's Impact Tough line.

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Posted this over at SSM the other day...

This is one I've been working on for a while. I was in love with World War II zombies before being in love with World War II zombies was cool. Smile

At any rate, this will be my first diorama. Sure, I have done dioramatic display bases in the past but this will be my first bigtime diorama for diorama's sake.

I just finished the hero zombies and the protagonists. Their primary construction took around two months. They're made from Tamiya figures (among others), blessed Aves, and copper wire armatures for the joints and scratchbuilt areas. Their places on the base are already marked and set and they're posed as close to perfectly as is humanly possible.



Comments and criticisms welcome.


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Take two: No pain, no gain.  I should have thought it through more.

This time around, I laid some clear resin to create a window at the edge of the wing.  I think this would work well for non-transparent wings as well. 

I am planning to mask the warning lights with a millimeter of tape before priming, so the light can get out.

Something to think about: Do I leave the warning lights completely unpainted with a gloss, clear paint them blue and white, or give a single light layer of paint without primer, which should still allow most of the light out.



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Not much progress so far these holidiays

Assembled a few more GiMix's and built a cabinet for them until the diorama is built





Had to include the Sgt chewing out the lazy assed Jack Private...


Still a work in progress on the figure painting.

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Then messed with the $5 Banpresto Tomohawk to see if I could bring it to life for the diorama...

so I went from this (the grey rubber one)...


... to this... still needs a clear coat and decals.


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then assembled a 1/100 Regult Tactical pod and a 1/144 Queadluun Rau. These too LOVE the putty to fix the misalignments!



ANNNNNNNNDDDDD.... working on a VF-31A conversion...


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8 hours ago, Convectuoso said:

The paint job looks great on that Macross Mission 1 tomahawk. 

Maybe you could've tried using one of these, though qx1ekl.jpg

That's a Macross Series 002 posable Tomahawk gashapon from Kaiyodo

Is it close to 1/144 scale?

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Lt. Zombie, Nazi zombies - the worst kind!^_^

Looking good Edstuff and Arbit!

Your dioramas are coming along great NZEOD!

Electric Indigo, is that the old AMT kit?

it's about time to make an R/C ship to run down on the lake.  About 12 years ago I made a hybrid drive like this Voith Linear Drive and put it on a small destroyer model (a few years before theirs).  Mine had a built in ball nozzle to direct the water flow.  The point was to protect the prop, protect the wildlife and keep from getting snagged in the weeds while still having reverse.  Plus regular water jet propulsion has no reverse without a bucket which would add weight.   So I'm converting an old Tamiya 1/72nd PT-15 model (Trumpeter PT-815) to a fast missile boat and adding two of these drives for the best of both worlds.  So far I only got to the stator jigs and stator construction.  It's made entirely of .014" brass sheet and tube and about an inch in diameter.  The fun part was machining the water foil and camber into the blades. - MT











Voith Linear Jet.jpg

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honestly... I think they can still work. The city battle is in the Ataria Island era so the battroids are VF-1s and they are a little shorter. Also if I keep them in the distance from the VF-1s perspective will remove some of the height issues. Next to 1/144 ground staff and vehicles they are still imposing and come in at 3 N scale stories high. I am also about to acquire a resin 1/144 Spartan so that should be interesting!

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