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Requesting advice on my toys value


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Mods, I'm not sure if this topic belongs to this forum or to the For Sale one. This is not a sale topic, I'm requesting advice on the pricing and value.

But feel free to correct me if needed.

Anyway, I'm currently selling some stuff of my collection, mainly the toys and models (Poor student + Burning out of collecting toys and models). I know Ebay can used to know the average going price of toys, but I would like to get a piece of advice from my fellow MWers. I don't have any webcam or digicam so I don't have pics, sorry.

Yamato, 1/72 Brown VF-1A Toyrus Edition

Shape: MIB in quasi-mint box

Comment: I'm puzzled by this one. I bought it because I loved it and was "OMG must have everything Macross" at the time. When I decided to get rid of a part of my collection, I thought "this one will be an easy sale, rare etc...". However I haven't succeeded in selling it on Ebay France.

Bandai, 1/100 VF-1A Hikaru Type (1984)

Shape : MIB in mint box

Comment: I haven't tried to sell this one yet. Bought it for around 100 USD in the Macross Dark Age. Not sure about its current value.

Gakken/Lansay Green Legioss

Shape: Very used box, no styro-foam, instructions, toy in average shape (somewhat loose parts, misplaced stickers... it was my toy as a kid).

Comment: This is part of the infamous French line of Mospeada toys. I don't know the scale but it's the one that's designed to be coupled with the Lansay Tread. It transforms but looks butt-ugly in armo-fighter. Honestly I don't know if this piece is gold or pooh.

It's the one you can see on Mr. Carl Hoff's photo there:


Micro-Macross line (VF-17D, VF-17S, VF-19Kai, FZ-109)

Shape: Mint on card. Back then Bandai tried to market "micro-machines"-style Macross toys. They only produced 4 types. This line is pretty rare and I've the complete series in perfect state so I figured it would be an easy sale. No luck on Ebay France.

Thank you for helping ! :rolleyes:

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