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Hikaru Vf-1S TV anime Fast Pack color?


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I'm building or at least trying all the valks of the mayor character in the TV anime, all in 1/72 scale. At the moment Hikaru's J and Max Super J both battroid are done. Right now I'm building Milia's J and Hikaru/Roy both Super and fighter mode.

The Hikaru/Roy fast pack color is very rare is not blue, is not gray, is a little green, but I really don't know what color I need to use. Please give some advice.

These picture maybe give some ideas:


Thanks for your help

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Look at These 2 greens, Its a Toss up between the 2

SAC Bomber Green



SAC Green


Also For Cannon Fodder use Dunkelblau


Also thats not the Best pic to use, But they are green a light military Green

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for the Boosters

Kaki for the Fodder Main colors. You may laugh, but its still the best I have found. And yes I have posted this picture about my VF enough, but here they are togeather, with the colors

Hope this helps.






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