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The WWE and Pro-Wrestling Thread


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WWE sucks right now and with Vince Russo(the guy who killed WCW) writing TNA, american wrestling is crap. I was HIGHLY disappointed with Joe vs Angle. They hyped it as this huge match, and it lasted 13 minutes :angry: . Plus in no way shape or form should Joe have lost cleanly, at least not in the first match of a supposed "series" of matches. TNA was much better last summer/fall and I don't think that they have really put on a PPV this year to compare to any of their shows from last year. Oh well, I still have Joe in ROH, where he will probably wrestle at least 2 high profile matches in '07 against Noah guys(Morishima and KENTA). I'm done with TNA and WWE, I will be watching ROH and Puro(Noah,Dragon Gate) until something cool happens.

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Well, first they have to retire all the old dudes...

have Umaga have some dialogue...

Smack John Cena out of the whole the Marine thing and back to being Dr. Thuganomics, it was a terrible movie, the sooner we forget about it the better.

Incredibly the game Smackdown VS RAW 2007 have better storylines, who ever wrote the script for the game has to write the scripts for the WWE storylines.

Smackdown! Vs RAW Vs ECW is a winner combo :p

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Time for a Blast from the Past:

Ultimate Warrior + Legion of Doom vs. Demolition

I have a best of 'Busa dvd. For his time, the dude was amazing. It is a shame he ended up almost paralyzed due to a botched move. And I do have to take back my total disgust with all US wrestling. I have been enjoying Smackdown for a while due to having actual wrestling matches(who'd a thunk it) and I have to root for ECW, because it has given my buddy Punk some mainstream exposure and a Main Event spot on PPV(tomorrow,BTW).

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It's a sad day in the wrestling world today, as we lost another legend:

IPB Image

Bam Bam Bigelow Dead at 45

HUDSON, Fla. - Scott "Bam Bam" Bigelow, the tattooed heavyweight professional TV wrestler, has died. He was 45.

He was found dead in his home on Friday, his brother Todd Bigelow said Monday.

Preliminary autopsy results did not show signs of foul play, but a cause of death will not be known until toxicology tests are completed in a few weeks, Pasco County sheriff's spokesman Doug Tobin said.

Bigelow had been struggling with a persistent infection and diabetes, his brother said.

Bigelow wrestled with Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant during his two decades as a sports entertainer. Bigelow's flame-tattooed scalp and 6-foot-2, 400-pound frame made him recognizable in and out of the ring. He retired in 2004.

A service is planned for Friday in his hometown of Neptune, N.J.

Source: Yahoo! News

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Too bad about Bam Bam. :(

A few weeks from now, Smackdown will be shot here in Omaha. Looks like my firned Mike and myself might be going.

Also it looks like we'll be going down to Kansas City in early March to see Ted Dibiase at an appearance for his ministry at a church down there (http://www.heartofdavidministry.com/index.php?s=Events&s1=ViewEvent&s2=&event_id=151). Of course Ted has roots back up here in Omaha and I believe he was born here, too.

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Ya another wrestler gone...sorry to see ya go BAM BAM.

RAW lately?.....next question. Smackdown? When is it on? ECW...why do the bother?

Oh in local news. Ric Flair was wasted on the local FOX channel here. :lol:

He was at the Chicago Bears game Sunday. The team all season had been talking about going to space mountain(which to them was the Super Bowl). So the team flew Flair in to give the team a speech on Sunday.

He was on the late postgame show(around 10:30 PM). They interviewed him at the one bars downtown...lol He went into his act with eyes glazed. The sports anchors back at the studio said "for the record, there was a limo waiting for him".

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WWE Royal Rumble 2007 Results

WWE Tag Team Championship

The Hardy Boyz def. MNM.

ECW World Championship

Bobby Lashley def. Test by count-out.

World Heavyweight Championship

Batista landed the Batista Bomb on Mr. Kennedy.

WWE Heavyweight Championship - Last Man Standing

John Cena def. Umaga

The Royal Rumble

Entry Order:

1 - Ric Flair

2 - Finlay

3 - Kenny Dykstra

4 - Matt Hardy

5 - Edge

6 - Tommy Dreamer

7 - Sabu

8 - Gregory Helms

9 - Shelton Benjamin

10 - Kane

11 - CM Punk

12 - King Booker

13 - Super Crazy

14 - Jeff Hardy

15 - Sandman

16 - Randy Orton

17 - Chris Benoit

18 - Rob Van Dam

19 - Viscera

20 - Johnny Nitro

21 - Kevin Thorn

22 - Hardcore Holly

23 - Shawn Michaels

24 - Chris Masters

25 - Chavo Guerrero

26 - Montel Vontavious Porter

27 - Carlito

28 - The Great Khali

29 - The Miz

30 - Undertaker

Elimination Order:

1 - Ric Flair (by Kenny Dykstra)

2 - Dykstra (by Edge)

3 - Tommy Dreamer (by Kane)

4 - Sabu (by Kane)

5 - Gregory Helms (by King Booker)

6 - Sandman (by King Booker)

7 - Super Crazy (by Randy Orton)

8 - Jeff Hardy (by Edge)

9 - Matt Hardy (by Orton)

10 - King Booker (by Kane)

11 - Kane (by King Booker)

12 - Finlay (by Shawn Michaels)

13 - Viscera (by nine Superstars and Extremists)

14 - Shelton Benjamin (by Michaels)

15 - Johnny Nitro (by Chris Benoit)

16 - Kevin Thorn (by Benoit)

17 - Chris Masters (by Rob Van Dam)

18 - Hardcore Holly (by The Great Khali)

19 - The Miz (by Khali)

20 - Van Dam (by Khali)

21 - CM Punk (by Khali)

22 - Carlito (by Khali)

23 - Chavo Guerrero (by Khali)

24 - Benoit (by Khali)

25 - Khali (by Undertaker)

26 - Montel Vontavious Porter (by Undertaker)

27 - Orton (by Michaels)

28 - Edge (by Michaels)

29 - Michaels (by Undertaker)


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The Exploitation of Eddie Guerrero

Wrestlecrap's annual Gooker Award, which is voted by readers of the site, went to the WWE's exploitation of Eddie Guerrero's death over a year ago.

Here's the text from the site:

Odds are that you remember exactly where you were when you heard the news on November 13, 2005.

I do. I certainly do.

It was a Sunday afternoon, and I hopped on the net to check my mail and see what was going on in the world of wrestling. There was lots of comedy taking place about this time: Jillian Hall’s mole had just debuted; WWE was in a mad scramble to find a replacement for Jim Ross (yes, again); and Steve Austin, after being asked to job to Jonathan Coachman (yes, as in THE COACH) had just left the company (yes, uh, again). Lots of good WrestleCrap material, to be sure. Stuff that we could laugh about for weeks.

And then…

“WWE is deeply saddened by the news that Eddie Guerrero has passed away. He was found dead this morning in his hotel room in Minneapolis. Eddie is survived by his wife Vickie and daughters Shaul, 14, Sherilyn, 9, and Kaylie Marie, 3.â€

Oh no.

My heart just collapsed into my chest. It wasn’t possible; it couldn’t be possible. I had just watched him on Smackdown a couple of days earlier. How could this great star, who seemingly was in the midst of yet another career revival, be taken away from us?

You probably did the exact same thing I did when you read it the first time: scrambled to find some verification that this wasn’t some rumor.

More likely, you were hoping to find verification that it WAS a rumor, a horrible prank gone wrong.

And then, when you saw it confirmed on site after site, you probably, like me, just sat and wept.

All the funny stuff I was looking for, the Austin stuff, Jillian’s mole…it wasn’t so funny anymore. WrestleCrap was out the window; in its place, the most horrible of tragedies.

And yet, ironically, here I am writing about Eddy Guerrero’s passing as a WrestleCrap induction. It is something that thousands of my fellow Crappers voted for. It feels as though I am writing in some bizarre alternate universe, where I am just a total apeface and am mocking a poor soul who has passed on.

Truly, this is not the case. I understand why all of you who voted for the exploitation of Eddy Guerrero did so; I may not agree with it, and I may – no, make that I DO – wish that I had never offered it up as a nominee for the infamous Gooker Award. I always want WrestleCrap to be a home for comedy, a place you can come on Fridays, unwind and get ready for the weekend with a cheap laugh.

Such won’t be the case today. Instead, you'll likely get pissed off and just sit and shake your head in anger. I can almost guarantee you as I work on this, I will.

On the marquee of this site, it says, “The Very Worst of Professional Wrestling.†Truly, this induction is the very embodiment of that tagline. The seemingly never ending exploitation of the late, great Eddie Guerrero is the absolute worst of pro wrestling, bar none.

I just wish I didn’t have to write about it.

But I will. Yes, I will. Because it is important that we remember Eddie, and it is important to see how those involved in WWE decision making remember him. And I hope that somewhere, somewhere within WWE, those that have been involved with this most tasteless of storylines takes just a minute to step back and realize what they’ve put all of their most hardcore fans through. And when they recollect it, I hope they think twice about ever doing something like it in the future.

Before I continue, please note – there will be no pictures or sound clips in this induction. To do so, I’d have to go back and re-watch all of this stuff that made me sick to my stomach in the first place. I will not subject myself – or you – to that again.

*Deep breath*

Here goes.


The day after Eddie Guerrero’s passing, those within WWE were in a total state of shock, devastated more than any of us were, to be sure. After all, they worked with the man on a daily basis, whereas we just watched his exploits on TV.

And let it be known, for the record, that I believe WWE did a very classy tribute to their fallen competitor. The show opened with a fantastic video of Eddie clips, set to the Johnny Cash tune “Hurt.†Following that, various WWE performers talked about their memories of Eddie; nearly all were in tears. In particular, his good friend Chris Benoit couldn't contain himself, and gave a truly fitting eulogy to his long-time running buddy. That...that was so hard to watch. It was something that most assuredly I will never, ever forget.

And then there was WWE's head of creative, Stephanie McMahon. Now I've picked on Steph in the past, dubbing her "Nipple H" and mocking her at pretty much every turn. But on this night, she was like the rest of us: absolutely devastated. She openly wept as she talked about how Eddie's number one priority was his family, and, as a father of a newborn at the time, I was touched by the sincerity of her words.

And then 2006 hit. And I wonder...how could someone who said such things have later greenlighted some of the absolute garbage shown on WWE television?


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The remainder of the text:

November 29, 2005: Smackdown:

Sitting on the stage of the Smackdown set is a low-rider. Not just any low-rider, we are informed, but an "Eddie Guerrero Memorial Low-Rider". That's odd, but I guess it's ok.

Or it was, until Randy Orton beat the Undertaker with a tire iron, threw him in the back of it, then crashed it into an electrical area, destroying both the vehicle and presumably killing the Undertaker. Just in case there was some doubt as to what was going on, the following week on Smackdown, Randy Orton said, and I quote, "I killed him. I killed the Undertaker!"

Oh, one other quick thing of note - about this time, the WWE Shopzone website also began running banner ads with Eddie, with the slogan "Viva La Savings!"

Two weeks. All this happened a mere two weeks after the real-life Eddie Guerrero had DIED.


December 18, 2005: Armageddon:

Yet another "death angle", this time in the name of comedy. We guess.

Tim White, long-time WWE official, had hit the skids, and decided to take his own life. He appeared on screen with a shotgun, and then the camera panned away as a blast was heard. Undeterred, the commentary team rambled on about whatever match was taking place, with the "joke" being that White had actually shot his foot by accident.

Knowing how furious fans were at this, White's website, friendlytap.com, posted the following: "Unfortunately, with the recent passing of WWE Superstar (and friend of Tim White) Eddie Guerrero, people have been outraged at what transpired. Please be aware, that sometimes storylines are created over a long period of time. Just because this angle happened after the death of Eddie Guerrero doesn't mean that Tim or the WWE is disrespecting his memory."

I guess it was important that this storyline go on, as it had apparently been planned beforehand. This being such an important storyline, which would lead to huge matches for WWE, it is understandable.



December 9, 2005: Smackdown:

The Undertaker-Orton feud continues on, as the Undertaker, like a phoenix, rises from the ashes and begins playing "mind games" with his nemesis. One such mind game saw Orton revisiting the Hogan-Warrior magic mirror, with equally craptastic results. Another saw Orton's dad Bob talking like the Undertaker. Captivating stuff.

On this night, however, Undertaker tormented Orton with a video package which included all of his previous victims in the ring. Footage was shown of Taker hanging Big Bossman (yes, with a noose).

You might recall that Bossman, aka Ray Traylor, passed away just a year prior.


February 3, 2006: Smackdown:

Some may feel we are being too broad, pointing out other tasteless angles in this induction. Fine. Let's get back to Eddie then.

Rey Mysterio wins the Royal Rumble, and is headed to WrestleMania to attempt to win the World title in honor of Eddie. As he makes a speech, he is interrupted by Orton, who says, and we quote, "Eddie ain't in heaven. Eddie's down there - in hell." He would later in the interview state that Rey had as much chance of beating him as Eddie had of coming back to life.

I'd like to now quote from my good friend Bryan Alvarez in the February 13, 2006 edition of Figure Four Weekly: "I should note that I have heard from several people who have noted that their friends believe this whole thing is an angle, that Eddy Guerrero is not really dead and is going to be coming back soon. Please think about this for awhile. The thing that really strikes me now is the fact that in the world of WWE, Eddy Guerrero is still a character; a MAIN CHARACTER, in fact. Here is a man who has really died yet is still the top star on both the Raw and Smackdown rosters, and he is being played by Rey Misterio now. It is SO bizarre, and so weird, and really quite uncomfortable."

And it would only get worse, ironically, as Rey achieved his dream and became World champion on WWE's biggest show of the year.


June 30, 2006: Smackdown:

It should be noted, however, that Rey was without question the worst booked champion in wrestling history. He lost match after match, and was never made to look like a threat to anyone. And when we say he lost continually, he didn't just lose to main eventers. He was losing - via clean pins, mind you - to folks like Mark Henry.

And yes, indeed, Rey versus Mark Henry was a feud, one now involving Eddie's nephew, Chavo. Henry summed up Chavo by stating that he was a parasite on the Guerrero name, and telling Chavo point blank, "I spit on the Guerrero name. I spit on you. And if your Uncle Eddie were alive, I’d spit on him, too."


August 04 , 2006: Smackdown:

So Chavo gets involved, and what happens?

If you guessed Chavo, Eddie's nephew, would turn heel, step right up and claim your prize. Chavo's explanation: "Rey Mysterio is a thief. Let me tell you what he stole. He tried to steal the spotlight, my spotlight. He did everything he could to tie himself to Eddie Guerrero because Rey couldn’t stand on his own two feet. I saved you from losing your title over and over. He used the Guerrero name… I’m the Guerrero Rey, not you. Rey, you didn’t just steal Eddie from me, you didn’t just steal him from the Guerrero family, you stole the memory of Eddie from each and every one of those people out there. You’re nothing but a leech living off the blood of the Guerrero name."

And just when you thought it would never end, it didn't - as no less than Vickie Guerrero, Eddie's widow, raced down to the ring and attempted to separate the men.

Well, at least they didn't do something really dumb, like make Eddie's widow a heel or something.


August 25 , 2006: Smackdown:

So now Vickie Guerrero turns heel, clobbering Rey with a steel chair.

I could spend the next 5,000 words explaining how idiotic this was, but really, I feel as though I am beating you over the head with not only the tastelessness of this angle by this point, but the stupidity of it as well.

At least kids weren't involved.


September 15 , 2006: Smackdown:

Rey's son Dominick appears on WWE TV. Remember Dominick? The kid that Eddy claimed was his own son because Rey was impotent? What a great angle that was.

Anyway, Dominick shows up and cheers Rey on, only to later start hanging out with Vickie and Chavo. Amazingly, given everything else, this storyline was basically dropped without further mention.

And when you come to think about it, "amazing" is probably an understatement given the rest of this horrific angle. Heck, I half-expected them to show Dominick taking a piss on Eddie's grave.


October 13, 2006: Smackdown:

Chavo, having been defeated twice by Rey, demands yet another match in this feud that would never end. Rey refuses. Vickie Guerrero then states, and we quote, “The difference between my Eddie and you Rey is that Eddie had balls.â€

Chavo would defeat Rey and force him into "retirement." Finally, this horrid feud and storyline was at an end.


December 11, 2006: Smackdown:

Except, of course, it wasn't.

The feud simply switched from Chavo/Vickie vs. Rey to Chavo/Vickie vs. Chris Benoit. And all the other stuff, with Eddie's name on nearly every single telecast and all that crap? All still here.

At this point, I seriously don't know that the tastelessness will ever end. It seems WWE is very happy just continuing this story, dragging a great performer's name through the mud 'til the end of time.

And screw those who say it's in bad taste; there's money to be made.


As I wrap this up, I just want to address those that defend this storyline by saying, “This is something Eddie would have wanted. He would have wanted to be remembered.†Rey himself has even said this in interviews.

But let's be real. What is Rey, a WWE employee, going to say? Or Chavo? Or Vickie, who is attempting to make up for Eddy's income? They're not going to come out and say, "This is horrible, I hate Vince for making us do this." They're just going to do whatever they're told as they attempt to support their families.

Look, I cannot speak for Eddie Guerrero. I never met the man. But I will retell a story of something that Eddie did that may make you think twice about your justification. Before Eddie hit it big in the states, he was a tag team wrestler with a man by the name of Art Barr. Long-time Crappers will recall that this man was WCW’s Juicer, a take-off on the Michael Keaton/Tim Burton flick Beetlejuice. Following his stint in WCW, Barr went to Mexico and became a star as the “Love Machineâ€, and formed a fantastic tag team with Eddie Guerrero, Los Gringos Locos. The way the duo was tearing it up south of the border had all the major promotions interested in bringing them in. Sadly, it never happened as Barr passed away on November 23, 1994, leaving Eddie a solo act.

Although Eddie was asked on numerous occasions to do angles that would have brought up his deceased partner, he always refused. The one concession he did make, however, was to use Barr’s finisher, the Frog Splash, as his own as a tribute. He never did an interview stating why he did it; he simply did it out of love for his late friend.

Somehow, we doubt that stolen low riders and a heel turn from his wife is something he would have been overly thrilled about.

Obviously, thousands of you weren't either.

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With practically nothing good happening in the WWE over the past year, could WrestleMania 23 possibly be the worst WrestleMania ever? It seems that way. Here's the card so far (and my predictions):

WWE Women's Championship: Melina vs. Ashley

Sure, the championship title is a farce, but people will still watch. Ashley will most likely win, as she recently posed for Playboy.

ECW Originals (RVD/Tommy Dreamer/Sandman/Sabu) vs. The New Breed (Elijah Burke/Matt Stryker/Marcus Cor Von/Kevin Thorn)

Next to the Money in the Bank match, this is probably the only other match on the card worth watching. Unless the ECW Originals job (which won't surprise me at all)...

Money in the Bank - Edge vs. CM Punk vs. King Booker vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. Fit Finlay

It seems that for the past two WrestleManias, this was the only thing that kept viewers interested. Don't be surprised to see Edge grab the briefcase once again, but keep a close eye on "Pepsi Boy"/"Cobra Punk" (with all those tattoos, you can come up with hundreds of other names).

Battle of the Billionaires - Umaga (representing Vinnie Mac) vs. Bobby Lashley (representing Donald Trump), Special Guest Referee: Stone Cold Steve Austin

Does anyone really care who goes bald on this match? But then again, it's obvious that Vinnie Mac will be losing his hair on this one, as no one cares about Umaga. And it's no surprise that Trump will get a taste of the Stone Cold Stunner.

WWE Championship - John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels

Like anyone actually cares about Cena...

World Heavyweight Championship - Batista vs. Undertaker

It's really hard to imagine who will job to who on this one. Maybe UT will beat Batista simply because he's UT (not to mention that every WWE Superstar who has won the Royal Rumble since 2001 has won the title at WrestleMania). Or perhaps Batista will actually beat UT for some odd reason (which I can't figure, as I don't watch Friday Night SmackDown!).

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Not bad, but I have to disagree with most of them. Piper vs. Hitman deserves at least a top 10 position. And Steamboat vs. Savage should be #1 in terms of overall performance. And any match with Mick Foley after his King of the Ring 1998 Hell in a Cell match really isn't worth top 20 material.

Here's what should've been in their top 20:

1. Money in the Bank (WM21)

2. Money in the Bank (WM22)

3. Can-Am Connection vs. Magnificent Muraco/"Cowboy" Bob Orton (WM3)

4. TLC 1 (WM2000)

5. Angle vs. Benoit vs. Jericho (WM2000)

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I was at Monday Night Raw in Chicago.....too much talking and not enough wrestling (like I should be surprised) . And the wrestling that did happen wasn't very good. My tradition of not buying/watching WWE PPVs will continue lol

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WWE WrestleMania 23 Results

Lumberjack Match

Ric Flair/Carlito def. Gregory Helms/Chavo Guerrero.

WWE United States Championship

Chris Benoit landed a flying headbutt to pin MVP.

The Great Khali landed a two-handed chokeslam on Kane.

WWE Women's Championship

Melina def. Ashley

ECW Originals vs. The New Breed

Rob Van Dam/Sabu/Tommy Dreamer/Sandman def. Elijah Burke/Matt Striker/Marcus Cor Von/Kevin Thorn after RVD did the Five-Star Frog Splash on Striker.

Money in the Bank

Mr. Kennedy def. King Booker, Edge, Fit Finlay, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, CM Punk and Randy Orton.

Battle of the Billionaires (Special Guest Referee: Stone Cold Steve Austin)

Bobby Lashley speared Umaga for the win. As a result, Vinnie Mac got his head shaved.

WWE Championship

John Cena made Shawn Michaels STFU to retain the title.

World Heavyweight Championship

Undertaker made Batista rest in peace to become the new Champion. UT remains undefeated at WrestleMania.

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Time to resurect the wrestling thread! :p

The Self Destruction of the Iron Sheik. I'll have to read through it again, but from what I understand Warrior refused to shake the Iron Sheik's hand while he was signing fan's autographs at this May 6th convention (I think someone was trying to get a promotional picture of the two together), and the Iron Sheik snapped like a twig.

And to quote from the Warrior's website:

I’m not a two-faced hypocrite. I am a principled man and I don’t swap out my principles to just make nice. I told Bernie upfront, once I found out Hogan was going to be there the same day and time, if Hogan or his handlers or even the Triumph Sports promoters (organizers for the whole event) had some covert idea to attempt an impromptu photo-op they best reconsider it unless they wanted Hogan to end up with similar ass-kicked-by-mind all over his face. I did not know Sheik was going to be there or that he would attempt to come up and shake my hand. Doesn’t matter, my reaction in these instances is automatic. You lyingly smear me, I let you know I don’t appreciate it and I don’t befriend you. Period. All these former wrestlers have gone wildly out of their way to disparage, ridicule and mischaracterize me — and done so like there would be no damaging effect on my reputation or the livelihood of my own family. It’s not a joke to me and I’m not going to diffidently treat it like one. You will never see me shake the hand of any of them that I know have done it — not Hulk, not Bret Hart, not Steve Borden, not Goldberg, not Dibiase, not Ross, not Heenan, not any of the McMahons…never.

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It's been a while since I covered WWE, but for those who watched RAW last week, what did you guys think of Vinnie Mac's apparent death by limo explosion?

Other then following Wrestlecrap and the like, I've been out of the WWE loop now for a few months. Too bad about Sherri. :(

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Go to WWE.com

"Chris Benoit and his family have been found dead in their home"

I don't know man. Is that for real?

No real news site is showing anything about that, and CNN is still flashing the fact that (who?) the singer of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" has passed away.

If it's true, that sucks, and condolences to the family. But if it's a WWE marketing ploy, I'd be kind of pissed.

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This is the worst day in the history of professional wrestling. In the 20+ years of watching wrestling, Chris Benoit was one of the few I respected the most. Two years ago, at what used to be RVD's 5-Star Comics over in Lakewood, CA, I got a chance to meet him and have him sign my Hard Knocks DVD.

It's very sad to hear that we not only lost Chris, but also his wife and son. My condolences go to his family. Rest in Peace, Benoit.

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Local news is saying that the police are investigating it as a homicide, but that could easily be procedure in such bizarre circumstances. Initial autopsy results are expected tomorrow.

I remember back in Madison, WI when I lived with this guy Kelly and he was really into wrestling. So Monday nights, before we went to the bars (I was a bartender myself and so I had odd nights off), we'd watch Raw. I made a joke and kept pronouncing Benoit's name as "Ben-Oyt", because Kelly grew up in Milwaukee and there is a town nearby called Beloit (pronounced, you guessed it, Bel-Oyt).

One of the few wrestlers I remember, so this is kind of hard to take.

I tell you, though, this is some crazy stuff. I'm curious what the hell happened.

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I actually just turned on Raw earlier tonight as one of those spur-of-the-moment kinda things (and to catch a snippet of the latest PPV results). And the first thing that greets me is Vince McMahon telling me Chris Benoit, his wife, and their son were found dead.


This just sucks. It's hard to believe that it was only a few years ago that both he and Eddie were celebrating as champions at the end of Wrestlemania.

I know this don't mean squat. But even in passing, Benoit was still able to give back to the fans and get this stupid "exploding limo" crap off of the show.

With everything still up in the air about the family's death though, I honestly don't know what to think (other than to give my condolences to the family and friends they left behind). Again, this just sucks...

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More updates on the case.

When I went to bed last night, I had missed the news all evening so this was a total shock when I saw this just a little bit ago this morning. Looks like Chris killed his wife and son sometime over the weekend before killing himself Monday morning; he sent some "weird" text messages out Sunday morning and then missed the WWE pay-per-view event Sunday night.

Definitely a very shocking and sad tale. :( I wonder what evil and darkness was eating at his soul?

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