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VF-1J Super Valkyrie (Millia/Miria Custom)


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I'm looking for references , jeje, if is possible build threads of 1/72 hasegawa Vf-1J Super Millia Custom. I didn't found any.

The only reference I found are from Yamato toys, but a lot of people said don't like the colors they use.

If some one have pics, best red color to use, etc, please let me know.


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IMHO, above all else, Millia's VF-1 is a bluish red, not at all scarlet. Personally I would start with something like "SOO red", which is a model train paint.

To my eye, the one linked above is almost a coral-pinkish red. Like if hers had faded a bit.

If you want a raw pigment color to work from, I'd suggest naphthol red:


(most red paint is based on cadmium, which is utterly wrong for Milia IMHO)

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Thanks to all of you for your help.

David, you are right, the VF-1J Battroid in that link is a little pink.

I found there is no much love for the TV version of Super Valkyries, I found a lot of DYRL but just a few Max or Millia/Miria, specially the red one jeje.

Thanks a gain to all for your help. I hope to start these project soon.

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I just started the building process of the VF-1J Super

Valkyrie Miria Custom, I'll use the Strike Valk kit from

Hasegawa, I have a spare J head from other kit, and the kit

came with 2 missile launchers, so no problems.


I will use custom decals from Samuel Decals, I just need the

"no step" and "DANGER" decals in white, the INTAKE decals in

gray ans some other stenciles in gray. The rest of the decals

came from the kit's decal sheet, all the white bands will

be painted.



Here are the first steps

I started with some of the sub assemblies, arms and their

armor/missile launchers




I didn't put attention to the arms union because it

will be covered by the armor parts

The Gunpod



The gunpod will be painted gloss back and then I will use ACLAD II steel .

Missile Lauchers.


The wings, not much to say here, I made the holes for the

weapons, I will use the weapon set.


Leg parts:


I will not use the landing gear, the model will be "in

flight" position:



The cockpit as all of you know is very basic, I will use the

pilot so I don't thik I will waste time detailing these

section, I will add some scratch to the back, becuase there

is a hole there, but nathin very complicated




These is all for the moment.

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This was the first Hasegawa Valk I built (around 10 years ago now). The model itself is packed away because it's embarassing to look at, but I always envisioned doing it again in the red. I really look forwards to seeing this project finished!

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Well, almost 2,5 years later I have the time to update these topic. First of all, these "project" change a lot from the initial idea, I start with 1 model, Miria's Super Valkyrie, and it's almost finish with 3 models kits, Hikaru's Super TV version and Kakizaki's VF-1A. Well finish one model is hard, try to build 3 hasegawa's Valks is just very time consuming je je je, and if you add your first child and the build of your new house, well ...

The pictures are not of a good quality, need to take these pics at night, so the lighting is just bad, sorry and I will try to take better pics soon.

The pics:


The idea is to build the main characters Valkyries, TV version. These are Hikaru's VF-1J Battroid, Hikaru/Roy VF-1S Super Valk, Max VF-1J Super Battroid, Miria's VF-1J Super Valk and Kakizaki VF-1A, these last 2 still need some work.










Hope you like it.

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Indeed looks nice, I use kotobukiya, the only problem is you need at lest 2 sets for each valk

Yeah, me too. I grabbed about 6 sets when I came across them in the Kotobukiya shop in Akihabara.

The small ones on the legs are from the Battroid kit. The others are Kotobukiya.
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Great set you have there! I should build myself a TV VF-1A Max sometime.

Max blue is my favorite Valk, looks really nice! TV version Valkyries are nicer than movie editions, you have more types (S,J,A) and different colors. The nice thing from DYRL is the Strike!!! :D

Awesome job, jocastle! the edges of Millia's SUPER pack missile launchers could use a little touching up (where the gray meets the red) but the rest is clean and smooth. The decals were nicely applied, too.

GU-11 you are right about that, the missile launchers are not glued, so that will be a really fast to solve. Still need to finish some decaling in Millia and Kakizaki's one need a a lot of decaling and a wash and some clear cotes, oohh and some missiles :D .

The last thing to do is the pilots.

I will try to take some pics at day light tomorrow

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They look great! What are the details of the blue you used for the Max -1J?


Completely out of the box. I use Super Battroid kit, that kit came with the J head so no problems there. The withe no step stencils came from Samuel decals. All white stripes were painted, same with Millia's red Valk.

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Sorry to butt in your thread man, but would you or anyone know what kind of red I can use for Millia from Vallejo Acryllics? It's the only paint that's readily available near my place. Same goes for what kind of blue for Max?

well... I ask the same question about 2.5 years ago lol.

I ended using a mix of Gaianotes red + Gaianotes primary red (more darker red). I have Vallejo red, but is lighter than tamiya's, so not a good Millia's red , just MHO. You will need to do your own mix.

In the end the Millia's red it's a very hard color to obtain.

For Max I use a mix of Cobalt Blue (5) + Air Superiority blue (2), all colors from Gunze.

I can tell you that Ranger565 can help you, he help me a lot.

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Above all else--"Milia red" is a blue-red, not an orange-red. Crimson or blood, not scarlet. Anything vermillion/ochre is going to turn out wrong. If you're adding anything orangey or scarlet to try to 'brighten' it, you're going the wrong way.

For a "common" color that may work, try Insignia Red. If you've got access to railroad colors----Soo red would be great, for a "deep" Milia red.

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In the end the Millia's red it's a very hard color to obtain.

Oh joy...

I hope the local store can help me out with this. Maybe I should bring some pictures, or a VF-1J Miria and see which colors he could provide me with. They have a color wheel (forgot what it's called, samples of how the color look in a binder and sometimes on a panel).

They had a sample of Vallejo's Premium Cobalt Blue, but it felt too dark for me for Max. Then again, I should bring a sample or picture to color match.

I've only recently started (well planning to start anyway) on kit building when I found some old kits on sale at a local store. Got this for $5 http://www.macrossworld.com/macross/models/bandai/46231i.jpg and a Hasegawa Macross 7 VF-22S for a bit more. Bought the last two of each that they have so I could (try) paint them in Max and Miria colors.

Better mess with the cheap kits to get a hang of this before moving on to the more complex ones right?

Thanks for the info guys!

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There are other hasegawa VF-1J's that are still available (such as the 1/48 Vermillion Team),and you can always repaint them as M&M using the 1J head

Thanks Hervé. How I wish they'd reissue that kit... I came aboard the Macross train a bit too late when it comes to toys and kits.

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