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Doraemon Final Episode

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Doraemon, a widely popular & well loved children's comic in Japan that spanned over 30 years. The series is about a robot-cat named Doraemon, who travels back in time from the 22nd century to aid a schoolboy, Nobita Nobi, in his every day needs. The comic's creator Fujiko F. Fujio died in 1996 without ever giving it an official ending, but surprisingly a doujinshi (fan comic) published in late 2005 titled "Doraemon Last Episode" became widely accepted in Japan as the fitting finale for the story. Unfortunately the doujinshi got into legal trouble with the official publisher Shogakukan and were forced to cease publication. Scans have popped up on the internet and below is an English translated version.


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Page 2


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This comic resolved all the major plots lines from the original story concepts.

1: Nobita changed his lazy attitudes as a loser, and became a smart/respectable person in life (without the use or help of Doraemon's gadgets).

2: Nobita winning Shizuka's effects with his own strength and ability.

3: Doraemon's reason for going back in time to Help Nobita was to have his ears fixed.

4: The future is unwritten and we can make it be what we want through dedication and hard work.

An extremely well written story that captures the spirit of Doraemon about friendship, determination, and the ability to change our future!

Simply brilliant!

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Great stuff. Definitely worthy of being considered a fitting finale. I guess growing up reading Doraemon makes the impact even greater. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for posting this! Had good time with Doraemon years ago.

I also read of a sedder end floating around:

Nobita had been in a coma or something and everything had been just a dream to scape being a looser.

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