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1985 BANDAI HCM 1/72 VF-1J Ichijo Ver.

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this is the second release in a series of three MACROSS entries in BANDAI's unfinished 1984/1988 H.C.M.(High Complete Model) series

of pre-assembled toy-like models.

in all, there were;

* No.17; VF-1S Ichijo DYRL Ver. (minus FAST packs)

* No.20; VF-1J Ichijo SDFM T.V.Ver. (which this article covers)

* No.21; VF-1A "Cannon Fodder" Ver.

for the first 15+ years of these toys' existence (1985/2002) they were pretty much unanimously considered

among the MACROSS fanbase to be the "Cadillacs" of the existing VF-1 toys at the time.

and indeed they were, as they were an ideal blend of the best aspects of the old 1983 IMAI "VARIABLE TYPE"

line of Parts-Forming 1/72 model kits, and the rugged, "Perfect Transformation" TAKATOKU/BANDAI 1/55 "Chunky Monkey"

toy lines.

these rugged toy-like models possessed the detail of the IMAI kit, coupled with the transformation of the TAKATOKU/BANDAI 1/55,

with the only "Parts-Forming" involved being the addition of the cockpit canopy blast shield to the BATTROID's chest,

a limitation shared by the TAKATOKU/BANDAI 1/55.

indeed, these were (and still are) AWESOME vintage VF-1 toys, adeptly combining the nostalgia of both the 1/72 IMAI model

and the 1/55 Chunky Monkey into one cohesive, POWERFULLY nostalgic whole.

in all honesty, the only real failing these toy/models have, beside a couple areas that might prove fragile

if you handle the toy carelessly;

*head lasers; BE SURE you shift them UP when shifting the legs/engine nacelles to and from BATTROID position,

otherwise they'll catch on the swing bars and forcing the mechanism carelessly could possibly snap the lasers.

* tail stabilizers; fold/unfold them gently, as i've seen the rotation lugs break before from overly rough transformation.

they can easily withstand the latch/unlatching action of flipping them to FIGHTER position, just remember to perform the action


-is the fact that these toys had a rather limited production, and as such, have always been rather hard to come by.

nevertheless, complete examples DO show up from time to time, and usually command around around $150/$250 NIMB/MIB.

while these toys have handily been eclipsed by both the 2002 YAMATO 1/48 and it's successor 2008 1/60v.II VF-1 toy series,

it nonetheless is a SUPERB and VERY NOSTALGIC vintage toy series, and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for those who desire the best of then,

as well as the best of today...


Accessories: (ALL MODELS)

*Two(2) pre-punched file cards for the accessory BANDAI HCM file card binder

*instruction manual

*Decal Sheets (Two(2) for No.20; VF-1J and No.21; VF-1A, Three(3) for No.17; VF-1S )

*BATTROID mode cockpit blast shield

*GERWALK mode backpack radio antenna

*wing mounted missile clusters (Twelve(12) missiles total, all removable from the Four(4) missle pylons)

*non-collapsible GU-11 Gunpod

*Chara Figure (unpainted); Hikaru Ichijo in flight suit (No.17; VF-1S)

Lynn Minmay in DYRL pink and white stage dress (No.20; VF-1J)

Misa Hayase in uniform (No.21; VF-1A)


*perfect transformation (ala TAKA.BANDAI 1/55)

*metal landing gear with real rubber tires and dual NON-CANON Arrestor Cable Hooks in main gear bays

*jointed hands (separately movable trigger fingers that grip GU-11 well, and movable ball-jointed wrists)

(please also see "AnyMoon.com"'s review of this same toy; http://anymoon.com/blog/2006/07/21/bandai-172-hi-complete-model-valkyrie/ )












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What the hell?? I never knew these came with a Minmay figure! :blink:

an unpainted one, with fairly ugly proportions, yes.

each of the three releases includes a figure;

*Chara Figure (unpainted); Hikaru Ichijo in flight suit (No.17; VF-1S)

Lynn Minmay in DYRL pink and white stage dress (No.20; VF-1J)

Misa Hayase in uniform (No.21; VF-1A)

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i just finished going all throughout this baby, tightening up all joints

by way of cutting strips of electrician's tape, and placing properly cut-to-shape pieces

in all joint cavities, including all landing gear bay doors and landing gear strut joint cavities.

the result is an HCH that is quite literally as tight as a drum.

the damned thing almost feels like a precision instrument now. i kid you not...


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