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Yamato 1/48 Clear Fast Packs


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btw, i have no room for this in my apartment. what was i thinking?!!

actually...i knew what i was thinking, at the time i just got engaged and i knew...i knew that if i dont get all the toys when i can, i probably wouldnt be able to later on.


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Holy crap min! That helmut looks BAD ASS.

I totally forgot about this item, I guess they released it under the radar!

Are you also going to pick up the Flight Suit piece? :p

Can you get a couple more pictures of YOU wearing it? :ph34r:

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Can you get a couple more pictures of YOU wearing it?

Are you kidding? Ive seen what you guys have done to the cosplay threads!

I will take more pictures and try and put up a review soon though.

On a note that's more in tune with the topic, the clear fast packs are out! Just got them in a few minutes ago. Check out the picture. Looks really nice, sealed in baggies and comes in a well designed box.


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Yes as I got to the Toy Shop this morning I Had an abundance of Boxes with all the clear fast Packs! I will be getting everyone their shipping totals over the next few days. :):)

Basically once set weighs 400g still in the container Yamato sent.

PM's to follow!


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Thanks for the great shots of the helmet and clear FP! Now I really wished I blew my rent money on at least one of the helmets! Damn SO SWEET!

EDIT - Noticed they spelled Valkylie phonetically as how all native Japanese would say it! No R sound in Japanese even though its spelled out that way.

Thats a nice box just for a few pieces of the FP kit. Yamato sure loves high quality oversize boxes. :D

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I'd be interested in having the package sent to one person and meeting up. LMK.

Ok, MN said it'll be ok to have a group shipping to L.A. I got a couple who are already interested. I'll be taking down names until this weekend then I'll send a list to MN.


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Just an update. And thanks to everyone who has paid the shipping so far. I am sending out a batch of them this Thursday.

As people pay I will send them out on a weekly basis. I will do another shipping Next Thursday.

If I have PM"d you the tracking number yours will go out this week. I will be processing more of them this weekend fro shipping next Thursday.


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they're cool!

will get pics up when i get a chance.


here's the clear parts next to non-clear parts

d'oh, just noticed i got the arm armors reversed on the 1J.

gotta go fix it.

need sleep....


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Here's what the clear parts for the PG Gundams look like...


The clear FP parts don't look as clear, but you could tell from the magazine pics that originally advertised them that they were slightly opaque.

Also, you have to remember that the clear Gundam parts are smooth plastic, while the Clear FP parts are textured.

It also might have something to do with Jesse's photography skillz, those pics look kind of dark, no offense meant Jesse, I suck at taking pics...

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