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PE parts for 1/48 VF-1A/J in stock now~


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Because they are made from Brass. You'll need to prime and paint them to match.

HI all,

ACtually, if you look at the date of my first post, then yours, you'll find that there were 7 days past till you responded..

Well, before you had replied, I clicked on the link provided in the first post an asked Jasmin Models directly...

They said that the gold color is the result of chemical procedures, starting from stainless steel....

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How long does shipping from Jasmine Models take? I'm not complaining as I just ordered a few sets yesterday and am wondering what the time frame is. That and I can't wait to see them on a 1/48 VF-19....

Hello, usually shipping to USA need 2-3 weeks. Some buyer say it only took 8-10 days, but mostly 2-3 weeks.

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