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It Lives...

captain america

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After almost a decade in a dormant state...:ph34r:

No PM... no email... yet something told me to check macrossworld today. WOW!!!! I've NEVER been se excited to see a cardboard box in my entire LIFE!!!!

Bring her back from the grave and make her FLY!!!!!



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Owhh!! I was so excited to see a cardboard box, and then I noticed it was a box with a bunch of Legioss parts inside, I was all MEH! :p

Im sure this news will be well received all over MW :) What else can you magic up from your way back when cupboard ?

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For those who may never have seen the photoshopped pics of what it would look like, I've included them below. Assuming I can revive it successfully, I will update and improve some details and structures, more notably the length of the nose. The only aspect that really worries me is the cost of fabricating the ball-joints, but I'll see about getting a few quotes.





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"Improve" it? I didn't know you could improve a masterpiece. :D

Easy. Over the course of time, skills improve and I see things differently. Also, some technologies that weren't viable 8 years ago have become more cost-feasible. It would still be quite a significant undertaking but I can make it more manageable by dividing-up the workload into 6 different installments.

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It's still the best looking Legioss out there. I really look forward to progress on this (especially lengthening the nose).

But...the scale is just too big for me. I must be one of those rare people who doesn't think "bigger is better" with toys and models. Aside from personal scale preference, it'll also put it out of my price range.

All that said, get that thing finished! It'll look awesome, and many here will doubtless not have the reservations I do.

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What scale is it ?

It's "real" 1/32, which is to say significantly larger than the given anime dimensions, which are fine if the pilot is the size of a 12 year-old girl. I started the whole design from scratch starting with a 6 foot tall man as the pilot and designed the rest of the mecha around him. Roughly 14" tall in Soldier, and 18" long in fighter with the short nose.

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I have not type the words "I'm in" yet,

Good point. I'm IN. Times 3... one to build in each mode.

John, any chance for variants (or kits that would allow the variants to be built)?

AFC-01H Legioss Officer Model (Blue)

AFC-01Z Legioss Atmosphere Combat Model (Red)

AFC-01I Legioss Standard Combat Model (Green)

AFC-01M Mujin Legioss Unmaned Armo-Fighter Drone

AFC-01D Dark Legioss Stealth System Equipped Model (Dark Blue-Black and Gray)

AFC-01J Jagd Dark Legioss Stealth Drone(Dark Blue-Black and Gray)

There are a few others you can see here:

The Imai Files

AFC/S-B1 Legioss Interceptor (page 91)

AFC/3-B Heavy Armor Legioss (page 92)

AFC/S-02 Deep Reconnaissance Legioss (page 93)

AFC/R-01 Ground Combat Legioss (page 94 and 95)

The first 3 of these I don't think are doable but I think the Ground Combat Legioss is just a few parts added onto AFC-01H so I think it could make a great supplemental kit.

I too would like a boxed Cyclone in 1/32 scale. Any chance it could fit into the Legioss?


And any weapon add-ons that have been seen? What about the second gun seen in this pic?



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Hey John, I'm happy to see that you decided to finish this project. I was talking to a close friend about this subject the other day, we thought it would never be completed. It would be a shame to see it unfinished (like ahem - Beagle Fuke). Anyways, I'm in for one ^_^

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Hi guys.

Other possible variants: the Iota conversion could be done easily with a new head/decals; Zeta too, with the addition of new engines and a few other bits. Other (Dark) variants would be a stretch, due to the need for significant alterations.

Mini Lide Almor & pirot: maybe as a separate set, since the base Eta kit would already be a handful, what with the need for decals, vac formed canopies, metal screws, metal insert-cast parts & machined joints. As it stands right now, I would need an absolute minimum of 20 orders to even kick things off.

Baddies: the Eager & Gurabs are very feasible, depending on demand as always. The bigger baddies might be a stretch due to size/complexity/cost to demand ratio.

What I had planned is as follows: "IT" would be released in 6 separate installments (arm, leg, torso, arm, leg, nosecone) of $140 each; each installment roughly 2 months apart. The one aspect that really gives me pause is the main landing struts; still have to figure that out somehow.

Alas, I just wanted to lay it all out on the table so that people have a good idea of what they'd be getting into. :mellow:

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