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Conan O'Brien, episode Zero

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I'll be tuned in. Or logged on as it were...

I read that he's going to have the Masturbating Bear back in his arsenal, regardless of what NBC says. He said he actually wants NBC to sue him for it just so he can bring the Bear into the courtroom and tell the judge, "Your honor, he just can't help himself!" :)

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I was afraid they do something like that. I was hoping for at least 15 minutes. Now here's my problem. I want to watch this show but no longer have cable. I hope TBS puts the episodes online the next day.

My wife and I got cable recently just so we could watch Conan. If they end up putting the full episodes online in a timely fasion we'll probably just ditch the cable again. The 95/5 split between reality shows and actual quality programming has proven to be extremely maddening and frustrating to us anyway. Neither of us has had cable since about 2001 or so, so we were a bit surprised at just how pervasive the "reality" stuff has gotten. Sorry for the tangent. :p

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