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Video Game quotes


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"Are those... body fluids?" - Earth Defence Force 2017.

"Lets do this, Garuda One!" - Ace Combat 6.

"I remember when all this was fields... " - The Agency Controller, Crackdown

"I know what the ladies like... " - Sgt. Johnson, Halo 2.

"Fleshy meat-bags!" and the many variations thereof, HK-47, Knights of the Old Republic.

"Snake? Snake?! SNAAAAAKKKE!" - Metal Gear Solid

"..." - every Final Fantasy game ever, but especially VII.

And the title of the Chapter that follows that particular line in Halo 2 says it all:

The Ladies Like Armor Plating.

HK-47 has always been a riot in the KotOR games.

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"..." - every Final Fantasy game ever, but especially VII.

The best ellipsis use is in Super Robot Wars Alpha, when Heero and Rei have a conversation consisting ENTIRELY of ...s.

Of course, if this was a proper video game quote thread, Sinistar would have gotten a mention on the first page.....

Pick a line, any line.....


Ah, yes. How DID we forget Sinistar, the greatest philosopher of our age?


Though for raw quotability, I prefer Berzerk.

"Chicken, fight like a robot!"

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Mordin Solus: "Repurposed Krogan hospital. Sturdy, built to withstand punishment."

Garrus Vakarian: "That's unfortunate. Hospitals aren't fun to fight through."

(Male) Shepard: "What is fun to fight through?"

Garrus Vakarian: "Gardens, electronic shops, antique stores, but only if they're classy."

As you can see, I played through Mordin's loyalty quest with Garrus as my second squad character in Mass Effect 2.

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By Bolo Santosi from Just Cause 2.

"My name, is Bolo Santosi"

“Otherwise, they will evaporate to nothing. And nothing will come of nothing, Scorpio”.

“Unable to motivate even the slightest self-preserving action. A willing and terrified lump of flesh, just for me”.

and many many choice others.



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I've recently started playing Growlanser 2: The Sense of Justice again on PlayStation 2, and forgotten how hilarious Hans is.

"Say 'Hola' to my spicy little friends, pendeho." (yes, he did use the Spanish word for what I think is "dickhead" in the game)

"Say 'Hola' to the grande hombre downstairs, senior freakalone."

"Victory, with fifty percent more satisfaction."

My fave:

"A tisket, a tasket, you freaks are getting caskets." (he ends this one with either a raspberry or a little chuckle)

Here's one from Charlone:

"One order of bad karma, coming right back."

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