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Hey! I was on ANYMOON.COM (one of the BEST websites to go for reviews) and saw there were Mospeada Character figures by CM's!

Seriously looking for the set.

To my knowledge, these are the five available: No Lunk :-(


Yellow/Lancer "Yellow Dancer" Standing, In Dress

Yellow/Lancer "Yellow Dancer" Sitting (for Cyclone) Casual Attire

Ley/Rand Standing, Civi Garbs/Casual Attire

Stick/Scott Bernard Sitting (for Cyclone) Mars Base Casual Attire

Fuke/Rook Bartley Standing, Casual Attire

If anyone has this set, please contact me. I'd really appreciate it!

LINK TO PICTURES of these toys, if you need a reference. (FROM ANYMOON.COM)


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Still looking...

Blue Faced Beast, thanks for the links! I do appreciate the help! :)

But so far, I'm coming up empty handed!

Angolz has them for pre-order for $65 even though they have been available elsewhere for a while.

Acording to HLJ they are discontinued.

Rakuten has them for $85.

YesAsia has them for $119!

Hope you can find some for a reasonable price.

The guy at Rakuten tried to sell it to me for TWICE his asking price. WOW!

Rakuten is an open marketplace in Japan. Just with any marketplace, there are those who'll bend their own mother over a counter if it gets them an extra nickel! Be careful buying!

Still looking...

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