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WANTED: Robot Tamashii Rk-92 Savage

Cyclone Trooper

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Either Bandai does EXTREMELY limited runs on its Robot Spirits figures, or they sell like hotcakes! I've been trying to track down a Savage figure everyplace I know to look. HLJ, AmiAmi, HobbySearch, Angolz, Toy-Wave, etc. all list both the gray and desert beige versions of this particular figure as either discontinued or indefinitely out-of-stock. These are enemy grunt mecha, not the special-edition Savage painted like the Arbalest (that one IS in stock and is around $70 US), so I'm puzzled as to why they seem to be so popular. I mean, they resemble frogs wearing medieval torso armor, so they aren't the most attractively designed units ever conceived...

Anyway, I'm wondering if there are any members here on MW who would be willing to sell me one of their Savages. Either color variant is fine...



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