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WANTED: RX-79(G) Figures

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Hello, all!

I'm looking for RX-79(G) Gundam figures. The ones I'm wanting are form the mid-90s, and were blister-packed on cards. The few that I bought when they were new were at K-Mart, so that might be a clue.

To give you an idea, here's a pic of one.


Please PM me if you have one or two you'd like to part with. I'm looking for a total of three.



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I have an entire platoon of the 08th MS Team RX-79 (G)s, both in the original gray and desert paint schemes. The desert versions even came with different numbers on their shields. The only thing is that they aren't MOC and I don't have the beam sabers that came with them anymore. Is that a big issue? All other weapons are included. PM me if you're interested...

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Many thanks to Cyclone Trooper for the figures. With his help, I have what I need, and as soon as I have the diorama built, I'll post pics!

Thanks, folks!

NOTE: Mods, please lock this thread. It's served it's purpose admirably.

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