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Selling my collection


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Hi all, it's been a long time since I've visited the MWF (woot, my account still works). Anyway, a few years ago my family and I grew and we moved into a smaller house

(logical, eh)? Anyway, I moved my Macross collection into a storage unit until my wife got pissed off ('you're paying $40 per month to store your toys???').

First to go was my Star Wars bust collection and now it looks like my Macross collection will need to be moved. We need to annex the space they're taking up in our office so

it's time to move on I'm afraid.

As you can see in the pictures I have mostly older stuff. The last stuff I purchased were the VF-0S', Stealth type and Low Visibility woodlands. I have a crapload of VF-1S'

Fockers that I collected for customs (Jung and Co). You can see my customs in the images but they aren't for sale. I included them hoping people would know I am a collector

and not some guy who stole a bunch of 1/48s.

All of my 1/48s (and the 1/60s) are unopened except for two or three VF-1S'. Now the boxes I have are in various states... some are mint, some are dinged, some are bowed,

some are gnarly. I've tried to accurately describe each one below and I got lazy taking individual images and just started grouping them.

Now let's talk sales:

1. I'm offering these here before I eBay them. It's much easier for me to sell them on forums than to list a buttload on eBay. Any I don't sell here, I'll eventually put up

on eBay.

2. I will give a substantial discount if someone wants to kickstart a collection and buys the whole lot. This would obviously be easier to do in person but if someone wants

me to ship them across the US I should have enough boxes. (I live in the Los Angeles area)

3. Shipping (as most of you know) is a major pain in the ass. Due to the size and the USPS suffering, I'll ship them priority for $30 each. If it's significantly less I'll

happily PayPal you the difference (assuming it's 5$ or more). Currently, I'm only shipping within the US.

4. If you'd like me to take more detailed pictures it's loads easier for me to take a pictuer with my cellphone and send it via email. If you want to wait for me to use my

Digital Camera and transfer the files the turnaround might be a bit longer than one day.

5. You can see on the SS list, I've sold here before (ages ago)


I have perfect eBay feedback: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=fearyaks&ftab=AllFeedback but it's mostly as a buyer. I sold a bunch of Harmony

Gold crap years ago but I don't think you can go back that far.

Please feel free to PM me / email me (sagestevensATgmail.com) if you have any questions.


Hikaru VF-1J #1. Box is in very good shape, unopened. $95 SOLD

Hikaru VF-1J super #1. Box is good, a few corner dings, unopened $150 SOLD

Max VF-1J Super #1. Box is not so great, dings, creases, unopened $95 Sold

Miria VF-1J Super #1. Box is Ok, dings, unopened $80 Sold

Miria VF-1J Super #2. Box is OK, dings, some glue got loose at the flap hinge and peeled a bit of paper away. $80 Sold

Hikaru VF-1A #1. Box is ok dings, unopened $80 Sold

Hikaru VF-1a #2, Box is OK, a bit 'bowed', unopened $75 SOLD

Stealth Type VF-1J Super & Strike parts (1&2). Outside box is 'worn' from being exposed. Unopened $250 EACH Both sold

Macross Zero 1/60 VF-0s (1&2). Boxes are very good (no peeling, dings, or creases). Unopened. $125 EACH One is available, one is SOLD

Low Visibility Woodland #1: Box is OK. Dinged/bowed unopened $100

Low Visibility Woodland #2: Box is very good. unopened. $115 Sold

GBP 1/48 parts: Box is OK (just old), flap is kinda warped unopened $100

1/48 Super & strike Parts: Box is Ok, unopened $90

Fodder VF-1A: Box is very good, unopened $125

VF-1S Hikaru (DYRL): Box is good (just old), unopened $90 Sold

VF-1S Focker'

1. 2nd edition, mint unopened $150 SOLD

2. 2nd edition, mint, unopened $150 SOLD

3. 2nd edition, mint, unopened $150 DOLD

4. 1st edition, box is poor, opened (no idea about the decals), no pilot $100

5. 1st edition, box is poor, opened, decales affixed. $90

Or everything for $2,300 before shipping?

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: EVERYTHING SOLD. Thanks everyone!
















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So it occurred to me that gmail was bunching up PM emails and I missed a few replies. Apologies for that and I think I've caught up on the backlog.

I also unearthed a couple of more valks I'd like to sell. Some 1J Hiarkus and a few more 0S'. I'll update my thread later tonight when I've taken inventory.

Is anyone interested in some Star Wars busts / statues? I have some Republic Commando statues (two), I think one colored, one bronze (will have to check). Also have some clone war busts. If there's interest in those I'll add them to the list.


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I bought the "Hikaru VF-1a #2, Box is OK, a bit 'bowed', unopened $75 SOLD" from him, and it arrived in a couple days after he received payment. It was also in great condition.I highly recommend him, he is a great seller. BUMP

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