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News Stories That Make You Feel Superior


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Are you making fun of the Mature Gentlemen pole vaulter, or the idiotic News caster?

The newscasters, of course. They could have shown a better attempt by the pole vaulter and saved him the embarrassment. That's why it appeared on The Soup.

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This genius "hacks" Major Nelson's XBL account and films himself doing it. Aside from him generally sounding like an idiot in the video, the information he gives away allows himself to be very easily identified (they list his name, address, and facebook account in the comments section). Man, what 1337 H4X0R SKI11$... :rolleyes:http://kotaku.com/5504145/xbox-live-direct...ed-are-you-next

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I guess this is the nearest thing to an appropriate thread for this.

WARNING - Violence in this clip.

The only reason I am mentioning this is 'cause it took place at a school only a few kilometers from the one I work at, so these are the sort of "people" I am expected to teach.

Normally, I would not condone violence like this, but Christ, the little bastard clearly had it coming.

Oh yeah, my wife also used to attend the school where these events took place.

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