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The term "Masterpiece" is thrown around a lot these days. This is the closest collectable to it I've seen.

The only thing missing is the opening cockpit door and pilot guy I guess. A big hunk of rock for a display stand would have been sweet too.

PERFECT shade of blood red, with pre-panel-lined goodness.

Just the right size, right weight - amazing attention to detail. AWESOME pose-ability with extendable elbows ala Yamato valk V2s . . .







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Not sure if this series has enough interest to keep a thread going. Over the next couple weeks I'll post about the anime, designs and other trinkets still available for Galient and we'll see what MW thinks.
THE ANIMATION -- 25 TV Episodes, 1984-1985 + 3 OVAs (I believe)

Finally found some pretty goods links, nice quality, with episodes 1-4 subtitled:

Main Page: http://movie.poimon.jp/search?kw=galient
EPISODE 1 Subtitled: http://movie.poimon.jp/video/watch/8443a46...ient&page=2

QUICK TAKE: A story we feel like we've heard a million times, yet I enjoyed episode 1 a lot.

• A Prince is Born! • Castle attacked • King dies defending his people • His right hand man must protect the child and run from the ominous bad guys . . . will they survive? (episodes 2 and 3 had some moments I certainly wish were done differently / better - more on that later)

---but I had to laugh at the mentors method of milk delivery on the run, no mom around, no problem . . .

Training begins . . . and the young ladies again need saved from themselves . . .

I DO like; the primitive, Conan the Barbarian feel. The protector character Asbeth even seems to train JoJo in wisdom and combat ala Conan. Many of the weapons are buried on this world from another culture and time, with the main protagonists not even knowing how to run them. Its a nice break from the super-slick high-tech. The evil Centaur mechs are cool, with heads very similar to VF-1S - ! I'm thinking their canons are warming up and firing with the same sounds as SDF-1. The clownish bad-guy storm troopers quickly grew on me and felt more creepy the longer I watched.

I DON'T like; the 'one main robot guy that hacks all in his path to pieces and you never worry if he'll buy it cuz we all know he won't' theme (voltron?). The great thing about Macross, Mospeada (and many others) is the weaponry is expendable. The characters are always the focus. In Galient, the "Iron Giant" is more of a focus but we do end up getting to see massive mech duels. The characters are likable so far 3 episodes in, with half of them certainly too cliche'. . .


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Got the CMs TV Version "Assault Galient" - what a tremendous piece of floppy crap.


What makes this rubbery mess more of a head-scratcher is the excellent sculpt, packaging and extras. The creativity and attention to detail are great, but this should never have been allowed out the CMs door.

It can hardly stand. 'Flaccid' may be a good word here. Pieces are falling off every few seconds, legs, knee joint swinging like a clock - just awful.


• ALL the extras you could want

• Great color, sculpt

• Cool details like plasma gun tube plugging into leg, whip-sword etc


• Crumbles from almost any pose,

• Sheds off ankle guards, hip armor, entire legs - like a dog in summer

• Rubbery materials, gun barrels bent, basically 'gummy-galient'

VERDICT - Seems to be made of the same materials Revoltech uses, except they should have used revy joints to keep it together, and included a revy stand to hold the thing up. I've heard CMs Mospeada ride-armors are a floppy mess with ejecting parts, was thinking about getting them, they'll probably have to stay in cycle mode if they're anything like this.

So unless you're going to glue it in place save your money . . .





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WAVE Metallic OVA Galient goes for 56,550 Yen, I prefer the standard color.



On a related note - at WF 2014, someone did a resin kit of the Type B Castle Mecha to scale with the WAVE Galient -- about 9 inches tall.

I found it by chance and picked it up. Casting is very rough but its a very big kit . . .



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