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1/72 Wave Tomahawk


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I recently got the Galient Wave figure and I have to say its the best collectable I've ever owned / seen. I will post pics of it soon.

So I was nervous this was going to be a must have - its not. Phew (for my wallet).

First - I do love the green visor, excellent. And the whole thing looks very high quality --

But I've always thought the Tomahawk can look "froggy" if not done right. You have to place the emphasis on the green visor being the EYES like Skull-1, and de-emphasize the top 2 machine guns. If the top guns are too pronounced they become the eyes visually, and the visor becomes a big frog mouth. Below is a pic from the anime where you don't even see the 'eye' guns and it looks much better.

Well WAVE - we have a walking frog IMO. The Yamato does a slightly better job here. If I have the extra funds though, your Galient has won me over and I will buy it if at all possible.

PS - What is this feature here of it closing from the bottom? I like the protecting-the-pilot idea but he really becomes Kermit then. I did see this little scope go up in the line art but do not know its function. what about a working fog light?


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