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What will 2012 bring us?


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Yamato 1:60 Enemy Mecha?????????? regult, glaug, updated TV color Q-Rau, and maybe, just maybe a line of scaled capital ships like they did with the Roger Young that they put out like 6 months ago....???? :ph34r:


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1/60 accessory packs: NATO/JASDF weapons, Foldo Boosta, VF-11 Chaser Rocket Booster, VF-11 Protect Armor, Ground Crews

1/60 VF-11B Ravens repaint

1/60 VF-19A Ravens repaint

1/60 VF-22 non-canon repaint (low-viz?)

1/60 VF-11B Milia repaint

1/60 VF-11B Max repaint (non-canon but always do M&M)

One new sculpt: I have to admit the VF-4 is growing on me (despite never really being that fond of the design). My hope is that we'll see the Diamond Force VF-17D around summer with the Diamond Force VF-17S later on in the year

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Since for what ever reasons Enemy Mecha keeps getting the finger (Though I'd love to see it happen), A VF-4 & VF-2SS+SAP for the win!

But I'd love to see a VF-0D & a 0S with Reactive Armor, 1/60 of course.

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People, if you like something a bit different you should be asking for a variable glaug.

Two versions of the thing: the zentradi and un spacy one.

I've seen them in the design works books, I like the appearance of them, and because they look like old glaug from SDF:M it would be somewhat recognisable to fans of the non transforming glaug in SDF:M.

We have the variable QRau in the form of the VF-22, and YF-21, now give us the variable glaug. Two opposing mecha that look different from the usual valks.

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