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Wonder Festival 2/7/2010 Winter Macross Kits


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I really like that 1/5000 Megaroad-01. Amzing they could make a model on so little line art.

I always wondered if they would make a Toy or Kit of the Megaroad-01, question about that pic, Plastic or Resin & how much?? B))

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Oh man... this is the one thing I want to see... any chance of getting a scan of it?



This early picture was submitted early for it to be printed in the Guide Book, then less than a week before WF they pulled all the final full body kit shots of the front and back from their blog. I should have copied them when I had the chance, I thought it looked great.

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I just want to publically thank "Save" for starting this thread, updating the list and graciously attending WF while attempting to obtain these items for his fellow fans.

I was very happy to receive a message from Save advising that he was able to obtain the following (3) items for me as listed in his PM dated 02/07/2010:

1.) T-REX 1/60 Yamato cockpit single & twin seats with Millia and the Micron Capsule set B - Price 3000

2.) VF-17D/S by Experten - Scale 1/100 - Price 35000 yen

3.) Flash Back VF-4G by Experten - Scale 1/100 - Price 18000

In my humble opinion, his service fees are reasonable and his assistance appreciated.

As of this moment, I'm waiting for pictures and the total price with shipping of my items prior to making payment via Paypal.

I'll post the pictures as soon as I receive them, and hope other customers will do the same.

Congratulations to everyone else who was able to obtain WF items.


Christopher B))

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Ahiachris, how did you get those kits?

One of my friend always attend WF and C3 to grab those hard to get items. I asked him to get the YF-19. I didn't know that there'll be a VF-171. When he called me to pick up my YF-19 today he showed me the VF-171. I was speechless and grab it too. B))

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