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Thanks for ruining the fun Gubaba. :p:)

Anyways, why am I seeing new animation of Minmay on that page? O_o

The Pachinko game must run off of song energy. It's the only logical conclusion.

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Don't get too excited...it's just a pachinko game. :(

2009 is macross first year

so open a limit time Sepcial website for macross info

coming soon...

PV<---------------I think it is MF Movie new PV

FEVER Macross<--------------------pachinko(パチンコ), game????????????????????????/

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There are lots of new (small) background animations on the new website. My jaw just dropped. Go see for yourself.

Macross Webpage

I just saw them when catcha posted the link, i saw the SDF-1 in CG, New Minmay scenes, some scenes of the opening and ending of the original series redone, damn i need those images i good quality :ph34r:

Edit some examples (of course these are smaller than the ones Kresphy posted


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Wow, reanimating stuff from SDFM for a pachinko game? That hardcore. Nonetheless I too would love to see more of this, especially CG SDF-1 and Hikaru vs. Kamjin.

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