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MW Bay Area Meet in San Jose Japantown

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Good times indeed.

SJ Japantown was a bit of a shame though. I wonder how much longer Nikaku will stay in business.

It was great meeting everyone at at Kinokuniya, Hofbrau, and Space Cat afterwards.

We should have the next meet at somebody's place and with a small BBQ. I can bring over my PSP and PS2 and we can play a bunch of different Macross games. Maybe in January or February of 2010 as most of us will probably be busy the next two months. ^_^

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How were the stores that you guys visited? Any noteworthy to check out or to avoid?

IMHO if you're looking for anime merchandise there aren't any stores worth visiting in SJ Japantown. Nikaku is one of those shops that should've closed a long time ago. The merchandise looks somewhat dated, their collection of laser discs still have ridiculously marked up prices, and their magazine selection is also a mixed bag. I don't think I'll be going back anytime soon. BTW. The local Kinokuniya's selection of anime/manga somewhat pales in comparison to SF's location.

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I wouldn't say there were any to avoid. The shop across from Kinokuniya had an interesting selection. Time Tunnel and Space Cat are must sees. Nikaku's still hanging in there.

I finally dumped the pics off my phone, here's my ever more wrong assortment. Pardon the blurriness of the first few from finger grease on the lenses. It's still odd holding Sheryl's disembodied head in my hands. ^_^

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For me, after the 19th... heck the 20th is my BDay, and I'll be finishing up 6 weeks of sculpting and dying to get out for a while :-)

Anyone else?

btw, should mention this is preference only, I'll head down for it at about any time, but a bit of notice to make accommodations would rock, so later also helps there.

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