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Birthday Goodness

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So my birthday will be about 3 weeks away, but my next upcoming pay period is just 2 weeks away so I kind of wanna get the ball rolling and finding some good stuff that's Macross related.

I'm really looking for the best prices around right now as I'm not really interested in spending 80 bucks for a model kit of a VF-25, I'd find it acceptable for 50-60 dollars before shipping but not 80 before.

But I'm basically looking at Zero, Frontier DX figures, model kits, things of that nature.

I use to own a VF-0S and sadly had to give it up due to bills, but would love to get another, and I'm dying for Altos DX VF-25 to go with my Michael. Or maybe finally finish my 1/72 collection and get Luca and Michael with super packs. Maybe even another VF-25F so I can customize it.

So really any help at all would be great as it seems so many of th epopular places are selling out.

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Ah November, well that helps.

What's your budget? If you can afford it, I'd recommend getting Ozma's GBP version coming out later. Preorders are up at many place.s.

Not too interested in preorders unless they're releases coming out in the next 2-3 weeks. As for the budget concern, I wanna keep it at 250 otherwise I'm going to kick my own ass later for spending way to much. That has happened a few times.

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