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SCRATCH BUILD MACROSS Armored Factory and Maintenance Bay


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Hi guys.. building the launch arm, somehow gave me the boost at doing another scartch build.. I orginally planned at creating another version of my ARMD launch arm with the necessary changes to make it lineart accurate and at 1/60 for the Ver 2 VF-1s, but made a split decision at doing something else instead.


Project name: Scratch Build Macross Factory and Maintenance Bay (Scale 1/60)

Date Started: May 13, 2009

Estimated Date of Completion: ummm... June 15, 2009 (or erlier than that depending on how often i get bored)

Main Material: Styrene Sheet and Cardboard

Dimensions: 40" x 18" x 20"

as of this posting i'm already 50% done with Gate 1.. i'll be also putting up some LEDs for lighting and may a rotating base on the gantry part..

will post updates later

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I had this very same model kit back in the 80s when it was released here in the US under the Revell Robotech line of models. I remember the Tomahawk was molded in dark brown and the Armored VF-1J was a light gray color. And the box was enormous, even for a 1/100 scale diorama. I can't wait to see how your take on it will look.

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It will be a cluster/partition of three parts.. kinda like the Kotobukiya Mechanical Chain Base.. It will also have 3 Gates (Gate 1 Static, Gate 2 and 3 will be articulated and i might animate of of them)

here's my progress so far.. (sorry for the crappy pics, will post better pics as soon as i get my camera back)

work done:

- scratch building of base partition 1 Wall

- controls

- ladder

- gate 1






the ladder.. errr.. the baluster's a bit crooked.. still have to fix it (wish i have steady hands)


originally planned at using LED w/ resistors for lighting.. but a friend suggested i try out other options..


option 1 - cigarette lighter's LED


option 2 - using lazer pointer


thanks for looking..

will continue working on this by weekend.. :D

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Looking great so far! If you want LED lights, buy them discounted now: http://www.christmasdepot.com/LED-Commerci...ghts_46_353.htm

Just take the annoying heads off of them. Plug them into the wall and your good to go! White LED's work the best, trust me ;) - MT

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thanks miriya and ignacio :)

MechTech: thanks.. i might need to get one of those.. but i would probably stick with LEDs one some part of the base though.

finally got a replacement battery for my camera... also managed to work on this earlier...

fixed the crooked ladder and balusters!



done making the service bay's alley (elevation would be adjustable):



other pics:



scale check:


thanks for looking :)

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Kicker773: it is.. got lazy transforming my a 1/60 Valk to battroid.. as you can see, the barrel's slightly higher than the top end of the gate.. kapoy bai! hehe

jardann: just happened i had the luxury of time to work on this project as of the moment.. normally i only have free time during sundays, with me working in a government office and at the same time rendering consultancy services.. it's just lately i don't have that much mis engagement..

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so we can use the 1/48 with it. =) Pagka maayo pud nimo anang imong gibuhat man, kanusa ma na nimo e mass produce na brad? Aron maka tilaw pud ta sa imong gibati inig tan aw ana nimo sa buntag =) E apel pud ta ana =)

Man I can speak but typing it is a different story.. lol

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thanks guys.. here's an update on the build..

almost done building the walls.. and gate 2.. decided to scrap the initial plan of making 3 gates, since after checking the measurements, it won't fit in my display cabinet anymore.



- partially finished building the gantry arm




- here's how it looks like with a 1/48 valk and some ground crew figs


- also partially finished second alley


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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks guys... so after about more than two weeks of work.. here's how far i am with it:

From the project planning, i already intended to animate some of the base section, one of them is the gantry platform section.. i intended to only use the those ready made rotating stands being sold at our local Malls, but unfortunately just when i needed it, i couldn't find it!! then few days ago, a friend who dropped by my place to check on my build gave me an idea of a good alternative.. so here's what i got:


it's a rotary part for disco lights.. i chose the one with the slowest rpm..

then made the platform to be mounted on the motor..


thought of using x-frame to support the entire weight of the valk, but i encountered problems with fitting it on the base..so i opted with a simple alternative..


so this is practically how it looks like with the valk/destroid (see video)

(sorry about the background sound) X))

also made these last weekend...

gantry arms... i salvaged my prototype scaled down dryl launch arm's clamp.. then made another one..


roller for destroid/armored valk.. i still have to make another one with higher clearance from the base.



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Finished installing of base for all 3 partitions.. I first thought of following the koto chain base (removable base and wall) but with the kind of material being used for this project, i thought it's a better idea to have the base permanently attached to the wall.. I also Decided to make a side wall for partition one of the factory.. i'll leave the other side open though..

Partition 1


Side Wall



Partition 1's base


Partition 2

- widest of the three partitions.. most of the hard part of the build where done here.. had to ask for help at planning on how to design some of the section (sliding gantry, sliding gantry arm, space for the rotary)

Gantry 01


Gate No. 2


Base - with added detailing.. didn't really appeared on the line-art!


Partition 3

with Gantry 02 still needed some decals..



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Started installing electrical wires on all three partitions the other night...

used "Ribbon wire type" for hooking up most of the electrical components..


it's a cluster of 16 wires actually.. but could be split into a number of pairs..

then some sections where i hide them:



the rest of the wires are situated at the back of the wall.. so not much cable management is needed for it..

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HERE'S HOW IT LOOKS LIKE WHEN PUT TOGETHER ( Just a mock up combination of all 3 parts).. it's about 95% Completed right now, just need to place more minute details on some part.. clean some paint smudges especially on the sides of Gate no 1., installing of LEDs and cleaning of wires.

With Scale 1/48 Valkyries:




With Scale 1/60 Valkyrie and Destroid:




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:wacko: mind bogglingly amazing...

I really need to get around to creating some dioramas. It's a shame having so many awesome figures and models and then having them sit around with walls in the background...

But the best I can think of is to go to the pet shop and get some of those rolling hills and vallies for rats, rabbits, gerbles and what have you...


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This is really some amazing work man! Your progress on this project is fantastic!

I love the pit area for the crewman. It looks like something off the deck of an aircraft carrier. Very cool!

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