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Custom VB-6 "Kanaria Custom"


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well here's my work...

Yesterday I just get my last VF-25 (Mikhail), I wanted to also have the VB-6 Kanaria, so I bought another as Monster and customice as Kanaria. Although I lack some finish details and cleaning, here's the Monster ended by 90%: D

I hope that you take in mind for comments, that are not completely ready









* My girlfriend for photos

* A gazelene (a nick name of a friend here in chile) for the SMS word stickers and the SMS sign

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BTW, are you (or your friend) able to make more SMS logos and signs? I would be very interested :) as would some others here I'm sure.

Will make all the stickers/decal. I will send you by mp or a leave a post here with them.

the stickers/decals will be in a pdf formart or in a bmp, for a second customize (yours if you want :D )

all free :D

Rodrigo, is that the Monster I just sent you?

It certainly looks a lot different, and you did a nice job on the mods, including creating the missing cockpit piece.


The cockpit I rebuild with epoxy putty, I Took the mold of my complete monster, the I mix the paint (Umbrol Drak green (50%) + Brown (50%)) and DONE! HEHEHEHE

thanks, I'm creating a Custom box, follow the Bandai 1/72 box style . I will send pic the next week.

Nice work. Did you happen to mask off anything for straight edges or did you just free hand the whole thing?

I paint the lines first, then the steps and create the decals. I'm sticking the decals right now.

this weekend I will post the pics of the final monster decals and paint

The detailing looks great! If you made up some decals for Ranka that would be the perfect finish! - MT

I'm not soo sure about to print and apply a ranka decal. I like the classic style of the ep 7. but my girlfriend is annoying me to add the RANKA.... I will let you know who will win that fight ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

thanks to all for the comments!!!!!!

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That is awesome work. I like the detail of the decals. You did great work for not doing much modeling. Please post up your decals when you can. I'd love to take a crack at this.

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If they aren't waterslide decals, they shouldn't be too hard to make if they are already sized properly. I was thinking of customizing my Monster, since it's been in hybernation for so long. Kinda to give it some pizazz, and then I saw this thread. I guess I could make my own decals, but this work would seem to be repetition. the work done here is simply awesome.

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hehehe sorry about no update and pending stickers sheet

but I'm working in a custom box for the Kanaria's Mosnter

Front Image


Side Image


Of course I will edit the RED SQUARE for our Chilean Macross Group logo

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