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VF-25F Deculture


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Well, hey everyone, this will be my first post on this forum. Have been lurking for sometime and thought I would just share my most recent work. I don't think the kit needs an introduction :lol: . Anyways, took this kit from my cousin (who can't build it anyways), who in turn got it from SMJ (for $150!!!!). Apparently its from the 48th All Japan Hobby Show and the only thing different about it is the decals. A waste of money if you ask me, but I didnt pay for it and I love Ranka!

For this build, I did some minor mods, such as drilling some holes, detailed chest vents and parts of the wings, and added a part for the landing gear, which I was originally going to make it retractable, but didn't have a clue how. The metallics are also brighter than they appear in the pic. Also, I forgot to paint the canopy until i finished taking the pics, so the last pic is after I painted it. Anyways, this was a really fun build for me so enjoy!

Sorry if the pics are too big (don't know how to make em into thumbnails) and if this is in wrong section.











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Me TOO!!!!! Owesome!

Two tech questions:

1. may I know the proportion between the metal color and the gold color?

2. The rivets looks great also. How to make thems? Use special drills or other tools? If would be appreciate to provide a pic.

Many thanks, man. Last, it is one the the best vf-25 I v ever seen.

I personally suggest to decorate the background a bit more and take more pics. E-hobby will definitely take them for show cases.

Graet work!!! I like the metallic colour of the foot very much!!!!
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thanks for the feedback guys, they mean a lot!


I cant tell you the ratio i used because it was one of those things that I had no idea the specific color i was looking for, i just added gold till i got a shade a liked. i don't know what you mean by rivets, if you meant the extra dot looking things throughout the model, i used a .2mm drill bit and made tiny grooves by hand, then panel lined. I was only attempting to emulate real aircraft as best i could. This was my first Valkyrie kit, i usually build gundams, so sorry for my lack of knowledge on terms. However, i can see why you guys are so crazy over valkyries now that i've built one, they are awesome

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