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New Macross 1/1 DYRL helmets


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I went to the masei website and looked at the size chart, then I looked what size my snowboard helmet was and got the size that match the measurements. I guess you could take measuring tape and wrap it around your head, or go to a sports shop and try on different helmets, he'll you could go to a bike shop and try motorcycle helmets there too.

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I believe this is the masei helmet, if you look at the glass it's not a dark blue like the yamato. I think. And the glass looks not as bulbous.

Masei version


Pre-production Masei I think


Yamato one


I think the masei one looks good, plus its way cheaper than the Yamato one and is DOT certified. Which means if I had a bike I could wear it. Plus you can get it in any size.

Can't wait to get mine, I'm getting the Hikaru version, if I like it I might get the Roy one as well, not sure if they are making max's, I know they are making other colors schemes not just normal such like black and yellow.

Edit: mor pics

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I received a reply from Masei Helmets in regards to my e-mail reservation.

Thanks! we have red/white yellow/black blue/white black matt black gray/white

please keep in touch in facebook page for this update.. we keep and save your email

and when ready, we will email you and pay via Paypal for it. US$189 for the first 200 units
later, it is US$289.. now we have hundred people made reservation so far.

They don't have a yellow/white for Roy like the one in their picture on Facebook? LOL I wonder if they mean that's the yellow/black? Wrote back, waiting for them to confirm. But since I already have a Yamato Roy helmet, I might spring for a Max or Hikaru. Though Yellow/Black or black doesn't sound too bad, even if non-canon...

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This is the response I got last night. From the looks of it, I take it they have more or less around 100 reservations for the helmets.

Hey Erick:

Thanks for your email. and we keep and save your email now.

When ready, we will email you for this. The first 200 units is only US$189 including shipping fee.

Later, it will be US$289 including shipping fee.

We have red/white, yellow/black, blue/white, matt black, black/white for you.

They will be ready before November as scheduled.

So, we get hundred of people in reservation.

I was thinking on writing them back to ask and see if I made it into the 200 slots and get the helmet for the $189.00 initial price.

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Then why have they shown the Roy colour on top of the Honda petrol tank>?

Anyways, they're going to upload their FB in 2 weeks with production shots - as per their e-mail to me.

I wish some enterprising 3D artiste would release a "The Many Helmets of Macross" series in 1/4 scale..... :rolleyes:

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I'd be in for one of these as well, but I'd like a pre-order setup a little more formal than just an email sent into a big waiting list in the sky. I'm not sure if I'd get a Hikaru or a Roy but either one would be a hoot to wear on my V-rod.

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I was told that my email was saved and would be contacted before December and that updates will be posted. I'm cautiously optimistic about this. Missed out on the Yamato's....


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