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Those who missed the Orange Cat Industry model on it's first release last year can now get it from Wave; it's up for pre-order at the usual suspects. IMO it's a great interpretation of the original design, and finally a kit of substancial size (last pic is next to a MG Gundam)


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I have the orange cat version that I bought from showz and it looks impressive and I’m glad it’s getting released to a wider group. I saw some pictures of the tekkaman evil and I’m hoping for more in the line, but it’s a bit rare for anyone to do more than those two 

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1 hour ago, electric indigo said:

With their Evil kit just out, Orange Cat presents the next kit in the line, the Sol Tekkaman:

I'm currently snapping the Evil kit together, and I'm impressed with the sculpt & the engineering.

Nice, I was really hoping they would continue the line. I got so excited for the first two kits and really really hope that they do a kit for dagger. I wouldn’t mind all the characters either, most companies just do the main two characters and sometimes in their upgraded forms, but they usually skip the rest

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7 hours ago, glane21 said:

Would be awesome if that Sol opened to accept a pilot figure.

I don’t think there’s enough space for a full figure. Possibly upper chest and head, but more realistically a swap out part since the neck would probably give some trouble 

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