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14 hours ago, jvmacross said:

Hey JVM! Thanks.

That's the same thing Tochiro told me. But it's not what I remember. The art doesn't look like that and the headset that he's wearing is not the same. And I didn't remember reading it in a Koro Koro Magazine.

But, if that manga featured the VF-1J in that Deep Diver Equipment Configuration, then maybe that's the one. But to be honest, when I saw those images it didn't click in my head. If only those books were with me here in the states, I could scan it and show it to you guys coz it's a cool story ala-Build Fighters. And that Bull (Regult) Fighter I mentioned earlier is really awesome. ;)


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I will never know exactly how many were made....each issue seemed to have come with something similar...but they were not all Macross....and there were at least 3 or 4 different "kids" magazines in publication during the SDFM era that contained them....

Currently, their appearance on the Japanese auction sites or Mandarake are few and far between......

They are among my favorite Macross collectibles....between myself and a few other collectors, we probably have "most" of them, but again, we will never know how many actually comprise a complete set of Macross furoku.....

A dream book of mine would be a series that covers ALL of the various Macross collectibles from the SDFM/DYRL era.....it'll probably never happen

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