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Secret Ranka Fan(s) Revealed?!


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Please do not get this thread closed by voicing your opinion about this politician, about global politics, about Russia etc etc. Ideally, perhaps there will be pictures of other people who are well known from the news (not just politicians) who can also be put into this thread (if they are found) and speculated about. But if you start writing about politics, this thread will probably be locked - so please let's not get into political debates. Thank you.


Ok - so...first I found the picture - and I thought to myself...wow...that's so uncanny and such a coincidence - and it HAD to be "just" a coincidence...right?


Right...so I figured - nah - why post it...BUT...THEN...


Front page of Foxnews!

If the Foxnews story is true - and why shouldn't it be? - then is it a stretch to imagine that he's a Ranka fan? The path from ABBA to Ranka is not a big leap. Maybe he even posts on this board! :)


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Ranka's sign is the "I Love You" sign (I L U). It's not surprising other people knew it.


Didn't know about it. 

I guess this is one of the bad things of being a "fanboy"... you start to see conections that don't exist.

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ohhh my.....this post made me laugh out loud at work. i think all my co workers think im crazy. hahahah!! man. all i can say is.......Pete! your crazy!! ahahhaahha! this is funny

when i say your crazy pete i don't mean it in a bad way, but i really see the joke in this post. keep em comin.

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