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1/72 Centipede Heavy Transport Truck


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I think both front and back are the same width. There is a small spacer like a hitch part in the middle that keeps the front and back seperated by a bit.

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Hi. Everyone that are interested in this post may be waiting for the update on the centipede truck. But to be honest it is still far from finish. During the time of waiting for duplicate part to be cast by my caster, I'd started another project which is the articulate buggy. That is still in the development stage.

As for now another project is almost finish and it will be prime next week and will be send to the caster. It is a electrical supply truck of the ground crew in 1/72 debut in the first few TV episodes.

Enjoy the pics.












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Fantastic. These vehicles would be a great addition to our collections. Go ahead!!! B))

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Awesome (and fast) work ahiachris! It looks like after all these years the 1/72nd guys are going to FINALLY get some REAL Macross ground support vehicles! - MT

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YAAAAAAAA! I have been waiting for these little auxiliary vehicles for a long time.

Just to let you all know that I'm still around... My projects on the Macross ground vehicles are still on going. The coming one is the APC. Updates will be around next week.

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looking great dude! keep it up..

any plans of doing it in 1/60 or better yet 1/48? :)

May be will do the 1/48 and the 1/60 since I now have the needed lineart. I'll be able to enlarge it to other scales. But that will depend on the demand because I don't collect Macross of that scale.

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Almost finished my next project and it is the APC of the TV series. Will upload more detailed pictures tomorrow. Haven't prime the kit with primers and it wasn't sent to my caster yet so there's no price range of it. Anyone interested??


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I'm interested too. Any news about the Centipede?

No update on the Centepede yet. Since my resin casting friends will be very busy making copies of the resin kits that they bought at the WonderFestival and the coming C3 in Japan. They don't have much time slot for me... I'm focus now in adding details to the Centipede whenever I have the time. Hope that it will come out before Christmas.

I think the first release will be the electrical vehicle since the master of all the part are already made. It will come out first then will be the APC. I'll be trying to focus on most of the ground support vehicles in appeared in the SDF. The scale of the vehicles will be 1/72. :rolleyes: I might do the tow trucks and the gun pod loader. Do make suggestions on which vehicles that did appear.

The following pic is a teaser on the project that will follow the APC more picture of the mysterious vehicle will appear on the next post.


Update pics on the AFV as promised:


Drawing the layout diagram from linearts and planning the scale of everything.


Detail shots of the wheel. The tyre can be detach from the wheel (do hope that my friend can duplicate the fine wheel rim edge).


Layout view of the parts


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As mentioned on the teaser pic, it is not a cockpit seat but the driver compartment of a forklift appeared in a scene at the factory after the space war. Yes it's also in 1/72 as you can see the comparison pictures that having the Preiser soldier standing beside it.


Again the parts layout of the vehicle:


Thanks for reading my post. B))

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nice! i'll get the whole lot.

as for other vehicles:

- lifting crane truck

- disposal truck (smaller than the centipede)

- wide flat bed truck even bigger than the centipede, so maybe call it millipede?

all three are in the perfect memory book

I don't have the perfect memory book so I don't have any lineart to work on. I only have the lifting crane from Macross Mecha site. Need people to scan and upload the line arts.

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