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Yamato 1/60 v.2 Max Jenius


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Mmmm.... M&Ms...... </homervoice>

Glad I had a break during my work day to check my mail, I was able to pick em up after lunch. ^_^

Ok.. This is going to sound incredibly wrong, but I know of no other way to put this.. Milia is freaking tight. I mean seriously. I'm gonna have to be careful moving her about, or her parts might snap (yes, I know this is sounding dirtier with every word). Her tail section is so tight, I'm afraid something might break off... ok, I think you get my drift. :lol:

Really though, I'm startled by how stiff some joints are.. her wings barely move, the tails take a serious effort to fold, and the tail section is scary in how hard it is to fold up. It's better than being too loose I suppose, but loose joints are easier to tweak.

Seriously, I have no real complaints with either, but I think I got a pair of the funniest Yamato glitches yet. Nothing's broken, things are just kind of funny.

1: When I went to pull out Max's right landing gear, the tire popped off and flew across the room. :blink: Turns out the shaft wasn't widened quite enough to keep it on well. There's still a lip to hold it, so long as I don't pull on the tire, it's fine.

2: Milia somehow got a Super Double Plus Mega Ultraviolent canopy. It's like it got run through the coating machine a few extra times or something, and I can hardly see through it. It's giving me that kind of effect you get from mirrored sunglasses. No worries there, it'll probably peel off just like all the others are starting to.

The one thing that kinda worries me is how utterly paranoid Yamato was with the packaging this time.. I mean, they covered ALL the paint. Wing sleeves, a sheet to cover the chest plate, even a plastic sleeve over the front landing gear to keep from scratching the doors up on the inside.

Those backplate tabs.. I dunno if there's really anything we can do about those. They're a high-wear area on the VF-1, and only thing we can really do is keep touching those up if they get scratched.

It might be worth trying to spray these with a clear coat to protect them, but the part tolerances are so tight, I'd be afraid it'd make things not fit quite right. :huh:

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