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Bandai DX VF-25 line

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I just got my VF-25S in the mail today and I must say, this toy is pretty sick!! I've read and argued many people about how they should give these new Bandai toys a chance, and boy was I right. I opened the package to only see a really nice toy. The construction is really good without that super light, something is going to break feeling. The colors are bright, and it has a little weight to it. The construction is very solid and durable, with a very tight feeling. The transformation was a little confusing do to Japanese only instructions, but I eventually got it.When everything was said and done, I was simply amazed at what Bandai has achieved. Granted it isn't totally flexable like some of the Yamato toys, but I must say it would be hard pressed to see Yamato come up with something totally better (really). Yamato, granted has come out with some really cool looking toys in the past, but unfortunately has been plagued with bad quality. Not in this toy. This figure is solid, and well worth buying, no questions asked.

I also hear about how these particular toys aren't anime accurate. That may be somewhat true, but I don't fully agree. It looks really good (and accurate)to me. I often hear the models look more accurate. I just think Bandai payed attention to making this thing really duarable and chunked some things up, but not too fat by any means. I really love this figure , and plan to get every figure in the DX line. I am currenyly displaying this particular figure right next to my 1/48 macross VF-1's and I must say that it fits in duite well.

I'm almost positive that somebody out there, whether it be Yamato or some other toy company could tweak this thing a little more( but not much because it doesn't need much), but I think Bandai really nailed it this time around. It's not the greatest thing since sliced bread, but remember you are getting true quality and a great looking toy. Well worth the money in my book, even if my impatience forced me to pay almost $200.00!!!

To all of you hard core Macross fans, give this toy a real chance! I do not think you will walk away feeling ripped off. I really really love this thing!!

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Post some pics for us, the more poses the better. As this one is still on my "might have to get" list!!!

I really suck at posing figures. I can't do it right now do to a family get together today, but I might give it a shot later. You should take a look around at some of the other posts on this subject, I've seen some other people post some pretty sick pics, and they look really good. It has just about the same range of motion as the 1/48 Yamato's with the exception of the swiveling waist. Other than that, pretty much the same. Also the arms on this toy have more motion than the 1/48(with metal also!!!)!

I forgot to mention one thing that I do think that sucks. It's the antennas on the head. They are made of rubber, so they have a tendency to bend kinda limpy. It's a small thing though. I really want everybody to check these figures out and buy them. Who knows, it might force Yamato to bump up their qualty control. Bandai has them beat in that matter in all ways, HANDS DOWN!!!!

Also I like your avatar. The VF-OD never got the chance to be made into a toy. I liked that one the most! It was remenisent of an F-15.

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