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2 hours ago, tekering said:

Wow, that's a very interesting piece.  Thanks for sharing. 🙂

Its his second piece for his Savage Worlds campaign. Here's the accompanying story byte from which we can easily identify the names of the characters:

August 8th 2031; Northwest Wastes, Ghana Sector, Africa:

 Vitalli turned his Alpha sideways against the massive leg of the Mac II, blasting out rounds from his gunpod as an incoming shock trooper crested the hill.  His burst pierced the things armored carapace, and green fluid splashed upward in a gooey spray.
 Below his feet, Suvage, in only his Desert Squad armor, downed a scout with his sniper rifle.  The shot took the enemy in the sensor eye, and Prion, the Terminator, was attempting a less refined approach by hosing the ridge with his Tiresian carbine nearby.
 “What’s the status, Penelope?” Vitalli asked.
 The teen’s face appeared on one of his internal monitors, and she was smiling, even as sweat ran down her forehead.
 “Almost in position, and going for the lock now,” she replied.
 “Does Hatan have a laser targeting lock from the base?” the voice of Suvage broke into the line.
 “Roger that,” Sabine replied.
 “My micronian friends, this situation is very quickly becoming critical,” Illrum’s strange and modulated voice offered.  Even as the clone pilot said this, a new flight of scouts blazed in over a dune, their annihilation discs raining down close to the red bioroid’s position next to the Mac II’s other leg.  The former Robotech Master returned fire, his shots lighting the growing dark of early evening.
 I thought we’d have more time…
 “Lock in 10, 9, 8,” Fawn, their faux Muse and current Mac II officer, began the countdown.
 Somewhere beyond the gloomy horizon, the newly built Invid hive tower had to now be buzzing with activity, the brain scrambling more of the Regis’s children to confront the massive protoculture heat bloom that was the lumbering Mac II.  Below that structure, human slaves had already been working the flower of life farms for months, the pollen from the alien plant slowly poisoning them. 
 The meant Vitalli’s rebel cell was running out of time, and while he’d have given anything to save the huge destroid for a later attack, perhaps to help free the planet, the lives of the former Butler Base citizens wouldn’t last until Hunter’s return.
 More Invid shock troopers were cresting the hill to the west, and Vitalli opened the shoulder bay doors of his veritech, priming the missiles within.
 “6, 5, 4,” Fawn continued the count.
 “After you fire, get out of there!” Vitalli ordered.
 He said a prayer that Nhar, Hatan, Yeve, and the rest of the small strike team was already evacuating slaves from beneath the hive, because in about seven seconds it would be too late.
 Flipping the firing trigger, Vitalli initiated his attack, a handful of short range missiles rocketing away from his shoulders.
 Above him, the quadruple Viggers M-400 barrels let loose a salvo and the earth shook all around the area, some Invid spinning out of control that were too close to the unfettered blasts.  Twenty miles away, hell was about to rain on the hive, but now wasn’t the time to celebrate.  Vitalli still had to get his trio of pilots out of that monster, and then deploy their escape plan.  With any luck, the Invid would remain focused on the Mac II as the rest of the party fled, and it would be too late for their enemy once they realized the destroid’s engine had been wired to be a massive bomb.
 So was the task of the freedom fighter.  Attack and fade away, but at least it was something his team was getting
very good at.

I'm hoping there's more to come.

Anyway its given me some ideas for my own piece. I think I might like to align the colour of my Tirolian energy blasts to look like what he has done here. Those annihilation discs already look like what I had in mind.

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34 minutes ago, tekering said:

remind me of an Inorganic... :unsure:

I wouldn't mind getting an Odeon one day.

But the Hellcat is more interesting.

From their vid last night it looks MEP toy's Hellcat is coming along nicely, albeit the Scout and Shocktrooper had to be delayed to next tear to make necessary improvements.

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