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MAC AUS CON 09' - BRISBANE! '.. it's official!&#39

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She is super awesome as our Valk Girl Mascot!! CHEERS MATE!!!



Saturday the 16th & Sunday the 17th.

Sponsors -


sponsors-1.jpg - OVERDRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Want is HERE. http://www.over-drive-inc.com/

U-P-D-A-T-E! Overdrive are offerring a special Group Buy deal especially for the Con!

This includes shipment of the group buy (for example 1 or two boxes of lets say, v.2 TV Max VF-1A\'s) before actual CON date (Sat 16th)

so we can all collect on the day and save mega bucks on shipping. Hows that sound?? Bloody awesome, We will keep you posted.... (pg 4)

KirinHobby.gif - http://kirinhobby.com/shop/ ! ! ! !

Aikurisu - http://aikurisu.deviantart.com/gallery/


Saturday - 12 hour Gold Class Marathon, national MACROSS cosplay tourney, displays, competitions, after con party! PLUS MORE!

Sunday - Swap meet, competitions, Aussie maross barby, possibly beach cricket or footy, we will decide in the coming 4 months.

Original Discussion Thread - http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?...=27994&st=0

First post reserved for major updates and information.

If you want to make sure you reserve your VIP seat (yes you can choose which one and have your name listed as reserved for such and

such member) please keep an eye on updates, i will also PM/e-mail each member instantaneously that has posted in the con thread,

with official details and how-to`s for payment. Sorry it\'s only 22 max that\'s all that was on offer! :) I will give warnings when i will rally

up the payment date. That\'s all for now regarding the Macross Marathon. Cheers!

Reiteration of my discussion today with me mate Ed from Kirin Hobby - http://kirinhobby.com/shop/

who is helping out with the con by donating prizes to one or two of the competitions that will be held on the 16th Saturday -

\"... As for the Saturday it\'s for Original Macross only (but english dub / Robotech fans are invited) and this includes a 12 hour cinema Gold Class marathon which has all the main feature OVAs and films that has been brought out. These include Macross Zero non stop (5 epis) and then DYRL? & Flashback, the Macross Plus the Movie, Macross II and by the time the con comes, there should be the Macross Frontier the Movie out by then so that will be added, and then if we have time left over from the 12 hours there will be fav episodes included in there.

On that day in the cinema foyer which is private, and will be locked up for the 22 members that have paid for the gold class seatings, there will be a display with lockable display cases of Macross collectables, showcasing customs, models, and of course the highend Yamato Macross Collectables/toys.

There will be competitions including cosplay, PSP Macross Ace Frontier VS comps, a newely invented (by myself muah ahahha) frantic variable poser comp! which incorporates each participant to transform their selected Variable Fighter from fighter mode to Battroid mode (will be a timed race) and needs to place it in a unique action pose for display, and the poses will be judged apon by 2 or 3 select judges and points will be awarded for complicated pose and how fast it took them to aquire the pose, and of course the custom collectable competition ....\"

OK, As for the lockout on the Saturday, depending on wether or not we have enough time to do so, the doors could be opened to the public

during lunch time, of course that doesn\'t leave much time, but hey we\'ll discuss the possibilities over the next few months.

What i\'d like to happen is invite outside fans that haven\'t a Gold Glass seating, so they can check out the displays, and of course for the all

important cosplayers that wish to attend the Inaugural Macross Cosplaying Contest. We are going to put the word out to the cosplaying

community in hope of tracking down some really creative people and generate a very tight but extremely colourful competition! :)


Interesting developments - Sci Fi Extreme Conventions will not be piggy-backing our con. That means we can have the fun of developing the second day

all for ourselves (like the first), this will of course make it easier and generally more laid back, not needing to prepare displays for the public, nice and relaxing!

Was hoping to get Sci Fi Extreme along as we were looking to get Mari Iijima and Michael Bradley to do up a concert. :) But money talks, and the economy is a b^tch.

Still open for the outside chance for next year, but hey, it could be for another year! 2009 con is already big enough with the 12 hour marathon anyways.

All i can say is we tried to make it as big as we could! We aimed high, and even though we fell short of the concert it\'s still a bad ass con no mistake. :)

Sunday\'s activities will of course include the \"Global Aussie Barbeque!\" (heh heh Kensei), swap-meet! and hopefully a trip to the beach for some footy or beach cricket!

If we ever wanted to do up a Macross public display day, we will need to figure out a venue, i\'m sure over the next 4 months we will toss some ideas around..

Now for the wickedly cool news! (as follows)

<> The ever so awesome Polidread has done up our very own Mac Aus Con 09\' Valk-Girl M A S C O T ! ! If you guys haven\'t seen any of Polidred\'s amazing art yet,

wtf you guys better get your beehinds over here - http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=9718 Huge thanks to the man! Cheers Polidread! ^__^

<> There will be two types of shirts made especially for con attendees, stay tuned for the finalized print. Pre-orders will be taken, still waiting on some quotes before details are

given. We have the design pretty much finished, but if you have a suggestion to make the con 09 shirt even more kick ass, let us know! : )

<> One fine artist is developing art for the 2nd con shirt as we speak, you can check out his page here - http://aikurisu.deviantart.com/gallery/

He has decided to draw up a delightful (delicious more like it) version of his fav macross babe, stay tuned! Thankyou Aikurisu!!

<> Official Macross Australian Flag. Final design almost finished, pre-orders will be placed up after quotes have been rallied up.

ahh there are heaps of things we have all discussed over the last few months, i\'ll post tham all here when i get the time.

Thanks for the support guys! And a huge thankyou again to Polidread for this cute little hottie Valk Girl mascot!!


78.gifRefreshments!! Foooooo0OD! 51.gif Come for the Freaks! Stay for the FOOD. 34.gif

Softdrinks, 2 types of cakes, coffee supplied. Plastic Cups, plates and untensils will be available of course.

\'1\' little fridge is there next to the kitchen bench, not sure if there is a freezer but should be big enough to keep a few drinks at the ready!

Alcoholic Beverages are BYO [bring/buy your own], perhaps some local brizbanites should bring an esky?

Hot Food is BYO! This is for Saturday, Sunday is a different matter, and we will discuss whats on the menu in the coming month.

And Guys if you need to contact me outside of the forum for some reason here\'s my details -




If you need to phone me, please e-mail me first (to get the no. nuh)! :D

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<> reserved for updates <> 36.gif

>>UPDATE<< (copied from Animaniacs invitation)

M A C R O S S - C O S P L A Y ??? !!

<< Heyas! Matt here, I would like to extend an invitation to ALL Australian cosplayers. >>

Fancy your Skillz of Makeover and Thread in the.. duntduntdundardar -

Inaugural "Mac Aus Con 09 - Cosplayers Tournament" ?!?

>> http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=28583 <<

That’s right, the first ever Australian Macross Convention will be held in Brisbane, 16th & 17th of May this year.

And what would a con be without Cosplayers? Over the years people have envied the talent and brilliance of cosplayers

the world over, and being the first ever Macross Con in AUS, we gotta match their fandom and go all out this year!

There will be two forms of contest..

1 ~ Costume Design (all Participants will be lined up and a group vote will reveal the winner)

2 ~ VS Battle (Official Poses from your chosen Macross Character! This can be Isamu’s Hand Made (lol) YF-19

to Ranka and Sheryl’s finger pointing) Pyramid format, two cos`ies will go head to head, once votes have been tallied,

KnockOuts (KO’s) will be given out and the winner will proceed to the finale. Got what it takes? SCREAM BOMBA!!!!

Characters don't need to be restricted to the original cast of the SDF-1 Macross series or the Movie “Do You Remember Love?”

The Macross universe is massive, Macross Zero, Mac Plus, Mac 7, Macross FRONTIER, Mac Lovers Again in that order, heaps to choose!

Global? All you need is a flippin Captains hat and a Pipe! Max?? Blue Glasses? ?_? Easy. But what will you competitor do up?

Both competitions (like most of all the Comps held at the Con) will be judged by vote tally, everyone but the

participants can vote, and then it’s all tallied up at the end of the match/event and the winner will be revealed

after every vote has been counted, who will be the winnar??? Everyone will be fair game. Good fun!

Winners and runner ups will be in the running for some flashy prizes! We are talking high end Yamato MACROSS

collectables, and other coolies donated by our Main Sponsors. (see front page, 1st post of link above) Good stuff!

Let me know via e-mail if you are up for the challenge vf1custom@live.com.au or via my profile e-mail for fast reply.

I am the coordinator of this event, and if you have any questions please feel free to shoot me an e-mail.

No need to but your more than welcome to post on the con's thread (link above and below) and show your support for Macross in AUS.

Tickets for the 16th (being the Saturday) are restricted to 22 peoples only, as you will need to reserve your seat for the

cinema Macross marathon which funnily enough has a capacity of 22 peeps. Cool? There are a number of seats still availabe.

The Sunday (17th) will be a fun day, Global Barbeque, MAF comps (PSP vs tourneys) and a trip to Gold Coast is in order [PartyParty]

Better to just read up all whats been arranged in the origin Mac Aus Con 09' thread to bring yourself up to speed of the goings on.

On the Saturday the Con' will be held at the Regent Theatrette (Queen St Mall), hosting a 12 Hour Macross Marathon, the cosplay tourneys

will be held lunch timeish* lol As it depends on exactly what time the current screening finishes up at. As with all the comps.

Prizes will be decied in the coming month.


Guys if you need to contact me outside of the forum for some reason here's my details -

mlove@curragh.com.au (mon - fr)

vf1custom@live.com.au (weekends)

If you need to phone me, i'll e-mail it to ya!

Also on IM - Yahoo, MSn and ICQ.

- invitations -

Added a notice on the RT.com boards.


http://www.animavericks.byethost13.com/ind...388.msg3706#new - Official Invitation to the Australian Cosplaying Community.

More will follow during this month.


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i hate you :p i wish i'd be able to get there... but its impossible im afraid :p

*im gonna spam here some more later, cause now im eating "breakfast fo death"*

cheers mate XD

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ack lol i wont get ur e till after the new year mate send me a pm k? heh ive been havin heaps of fun with my psp3k gonna start playin MAF soon... got some great news regarding sponsorship.. ill say this much, there could be some great high end prizes in store for the competitions!! especially for the psp maf tourney/s heh heh train hard!! now this reply took me ages lol cant beat a keyboard... atleast me psp is faster than me mobile haha ×_×

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HAPpy NEW YEARS guys! Whilst i was on holiday i dropped in to check out our pad! :) It's perfect.

Give me a bit of time to get me stuff together and i'll give you some more details later.

It's big enough sized screen (remember only 22 seats) and the seats are semi reclineable (excellent), i'd recommend bring your bag or port to rest your feet up! ;)

Seatings are in rows of four. I've got shot gun front. :p There i called it! seriously the speakers are right next to us, we are gonna get blasted! XD :lol:

We take this one elevator up to the top floor, which means un-inivted guests can't gain access, only through the BCC patrons. ;)

We have our own fridge (heh heh) and a kitchen bench for the cakes!

We'll have our own wrist bands to flash around to go out and come back in, man, there is a big foodcourt only a few steps away, maccas is like next door, as well as

Hungry Jacks... the works, there is even a ice cream spot that sells Chunky Monkey as a flavour. :p (banana flav.)

It's pretty flashy, nice red seats, red curtains and carpet, you know, posh. :p

Scream Man i'm pretty sure Kensei is coming earlier! I plan to fly down on Friday as well. And perhaps stay till Monday arvi.

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arraghh.jpgAAAAAAAAAAAARRRAGGHHHHHHHHHHHH~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! post-664-1188413840.gif

HOLY TORLEDO! post-3608-1190474796.gif HAPPY NEW YEAR POILDREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ahh she is gorgeous!!!! post-5632-1191831497.gif

I think i'm gonna cry. TTTTTTTTTTTTTT____________________TTTTTTTTTTTTTT

You are the fricken best man. :D Thanks Poli!!!!!! Ahh you gotta come! :p

How much to get from phills and back????

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Major kudos to the organisers here. Well done, I can't wait to come, I will be there with some Macross models to display if there's any benchspace...

With the movies, will there be subs included? And if so who do we apply for a seat to?

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Hey Pete! Really glad your coming along, it should go without saying everyone will be eagar to see your models and customs you want to bring along. :D

Who else is bringing models?? Peter, you want there to be a modelling comp?? I have some great sponsorship secrets that i will reveal hopefully soon (need the ok), that means prizes!

Yes there will be subs, unless you wish to see them raw, that is always an option. Should we put it to a vote? Polls will be placed up soon.

And Peter there will hopefully be lockable displays (plexiglass/glass for example) displays. I checked, there is enough room, it's a bit dull lit though (the foyer),

but that adds to the old skool class that is the Regent Theatrette Cinema. We'll have lamps or use the LED light displays.

I'd like everyone to think about what polls should be put up, we can edit in there heaps of questions, but i can't edit after the first post of questions.  If i do, everyone else won't be able to vote again in the same poll with added extra questions.

Personally i'd love to see Macross Zero Raw, everyone knows the story, and that would leave us to droll at the mecha porn. :p

Every other one i'd like subs for most of them (DYRL? Plus movie, Mac II etc etc, oi Frontier the movie, Flashback (kareoke!!!!! imagine all of us singing along haha),

With Zero i have watched it heaps of times and know everything off by heart, easily enjoy it raw.

As for booking your seat (22 max seats) i will add in a poll question asking which month would you guys prefer to make payment! :) We don't need it in there till later, but i'll be making sure

the early birds will get first pick of the seats, i took pics of the screen and seats and we can slap on there some photoshop markings with each members name signifying the booking! :D

When we arrive in the morning, our names will be reserved with our MW and RL names to add a touch of class.

Also here is what i posted about seat bookings in quote -

If you want to make sure you reserve your VIP seat (yes you can choose which one and have your name listed as reserved for such and

such member) please keep an eye on updates, i will also PM/e-mail each member instantaneously that has posted in the con thread,

with official details and how-to`s for payment. Sorry it's only 22 max that's all that was on offer! I will give warnings when i will rally

up the payment date. That's all for now regarding the Macross Marathon. Cheers!

Thanks for the support guys!

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Just conversing with one of the con board members, he has raised a very important issue that needs to be addressed -

Cronic Farters - each fart equals to ONE '1' Carton of beer/premixed (will be put to a vote of the majority).

74.gif YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. FARTS will NOT be TOLERATED. If the gas is building up, step out side beforehand and let loose. It's a private viewing area for 22 people,

if you let one go, we all DIE. 59.gif Simple as that, no where to escape! XD;;; Please be considerate for the other 21 Macross Fans that have wives, children, families, collections etc etc...

Also anyone wishing to be talkative during important intervals (like sad moments - i.e. Global addressing Misa, Hikaru and Claudia)

will be smashed into the middle of next week. :p:) no seriously! There are a couple of bruises coming to the con (myself included) and chitter chatters

will be spanked. lol. Ever wanted to bash the crap out of a cronic conversationalist? Feel the twitch from previous cinema experiences? Here's your chance! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

:lol: SERIOUSLY! Cronic Farters and Cronic Conversationalists will not be tolerated period. 74.gif

Of course "HELL YEAHS! & F'n AITH!" when the action heats up is totally accepted. 36.gif

I don't need to go on about cronic BO'ers do i? LOLOLOLOL.

:edited typos:

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ok waiting to hear back from Ben in regards to if i can post pics of the insides of the cinema, below is a rough diagram!

[R] [-] [-] [D] [K] {} <-- door is here, leads to the kitchen bench and fridge, and then towards the narrow foyer and elevator.

[-] [bM] [C]

- [-] [sM] [-] [N]

[bRL] [sW] [P]

- [A] [WP] [R] [G] <-- Mine's in bold 2nd seat from the right.


I'm pretty sure Kensei wants the back row, but that's only if he needs to vacate the cinema if someone farts, i say bring it on, then we drink for free!

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I would love to fly out there for the convention but I am an insane chronic farter. I would have to spend the whole time outside just looking through the windows.

Great work on the organization. Seriously I would love to go out there. If I am on that side of the planet for any reason at any time even remotely close to the con then of course I would make sure to make it.

Have a great time everyone!

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Got some things to discuss with yas! Please reply.

When is the Macross Frontier movie coming out? Summer (winter for us) 09??

Any official dates? Can we get it in time for the con in May?

If it doesn't come in time, i'm not sure i can get the same price as we were given, Winter might mean school holidays

prices will rise, and the weather won't be as nice as it would be in May.

What other competitions do we want to have at the con? (Saturday & Sunday) Sunday being the free day with no time restraints

we can add in a heap of cool stuff. We want a Modelling comp? Custom comp?? If you want something speak up! :)

How do we want to party after the con on Saturday night? 8 am - 12 am start, add in 12+ hours of cinema time wouldn't leave us

much time at all.. Whats our options? Also for the youngings there will be NO peer pressure whatsoever regarding alchohol and the

likes, i am not sure if we have any underage fans on this forum, but if you are worried about it then please don't be. We are responsible.

Where are we going to have Sunday's swap meet? One of the parks close to the Brisbane mall? (Queen Street)

and the important question... -

WHO is coming??? Show of hands please guys, when i know we have a safe number (close to 20), i'll place up the poll asking how many people voted they are coming for the Saturday cinema, and then i can wave this in front of Ben Burns [Regent Cinema Executive] and i can start asking for payments, then send it over to Ben, and then all we need to do is wait! :D I'll send PM's and e-mails to the non active members who haven't posted in a while to make sure they know everything that is happening.


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Those images well done POLIDREAD. They will look awesome on the t-shirts for the con.

I forgot to add: Puts hand up officially for coming. I hope there will be good coffee at the con for the 12 hours marathon. The seats sound like they will be comfortable. I hope I can get one in the backrow (near fridge). ^_^

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haha ok man, just for fun i'll add in on first page of the seating diagram your fridge access seat is in bold.

Of course if another bloke calls the same seat, and when it comes to payments, i will instantaneously PM both of yas and first one in gets that seat. Warnings beforehand of course. ;) What preferrance for coffee? I'll need to know all these details before the con, perhaps some members will vote on the main type, and for specialty brands members can bring it themselves. lol. BYO BYO~! Bundy'n'Cola will be my pick up. :lol:

Some softdrinks, plastic cups and plates, 2 cakes, 1 lot of coffee will be provided, drinks (the alchoholic kind) will be entirely BYO, unless of course you let one go, then everyone is entitled to dibs of one carton presented by you. (lol) The fridge is not huge, i think it has a freezer, so we'll see how much we can fit in there. :lol: Maybe bring an esky along local brizbanites??

:edit: and hot food will be BYO (buy your own) Not sure exactly if t-shirts will make much money for the con, so we'll see about Sunday lunch.

Pizza of course is the lazy option, but Kensei wants to cook up a cyclone, so yeah, we'll see what we need to add up.

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I may have said this before, but THANKYOU for getting this together.

I am beside myself with excitement.

I\'ve been waiting for something like this for a LONG time.

This Con ensures a happy new year for me!

Me too! :) I\'ve been waiting for the chance to celebrate the best damn ever anime/story/mecha porno since i was a kid!

2009 is the best time. And it\'s gonna happen!

So, the total number of Macross fans that are confirmed are -





Scream Man

Mark 1











ruskiiVFaussie (lol)

around - 17 / 22 (with 2 almost possibles)


You guys that are confirmed, how about you state which seat you\'d like (if you haven\'t already done so)?? Just for fun.







Scream Man
















above is the list of aussies who have posted in the old discussion thread! So hopefully that means we don\'t need to ask non active members

outside MacrossWorld to make up the full 22 cinema participants! 73.gif

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once i figure out how to use my cloning device......

this sounds like a lot of fun, whilst theres no way i could get there, hope u guys have a blast at least! Show brisvegas what its like to be macross-ified! lol

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Ok, time to reveal one the coolest competitions! Read this you poets!


YEs! Whoever does up proper lyrics for the Macross Plus era UN Spacy Anthem and scores the votes W I N S a Macross Aussie Flag!

When i get home for the weekend i'll get the actual track details (no. of track on soundtrack, running time and location on movie/ova)

and yeah, i was gonna leave it till i get the flag all finished but i'm waiting on a couple of things before i can show it off. ;P

Those who are interested please put your hand up so i can add in the number of participants on the front page.

Lyrics must include stuff about sheilas, how bloody good we are at sport, how we like our beer/rum, barbeques!, and of course

HOW WE LOVE OUR MACROSS (as in the SDF-1 Macross 'herself') lol. Whatever you can come up with i'm sure it will be awesome. :p

Winners will be decided by the 22 members (and if there other members on Sunday?) voting and tallying it all up.

The anthem is beautiful as it is, but how about we add in some of our own aussie flavour and we can all sing along! ;D

I think Ms Yoko Kanno created this Anthem, not sure, i'll check.

We could hold this comp on the Sunday during the aussie barbeque!!! ;D Sounds sweet to me!

".....o-o-o-o-Oho0! We love our Macross! She's bloody beaut' mate! lah la lah lahh lah lahhhh......"

How about Kangas and Koalas? Breetai Koala!

Hey-hey, lol can you imagine us standing around the Macross during celebrations and the Macross goes into boobytrap mode and

fires the main cannons at the Zentran scouts <all together> "Bloody hell (cor blimey) f' that!! F' YEAH! *cheers drinks* F' aith!!"

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Uhh i believe that is the window, where you rip the curtains down smash the window with a seat and jump onto the next buildings roof adjacent to the cinema and then go it 'crow'. :lol:

So you'll want the right side facing window then mate? :lol: LOL!


You got the photos! Be more specific :p

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OK, Im definitely in. Ill be there.

Cant promise Ill be up for partying much after a 12 hour marathon of Macross, especially if it's subbed (Because theres only so long i can look at a screen and read text!) but I'm there.

Now can we start talkign accomidation? If we can find a place and split a room between 2 or 3 of us it will be WAY cheaper! Ditto cab fares etc etc.

How many MWers are IN Brisbane already anyway? Can lifts from the airport be arranged?

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Cool, what seat would you like? I'll post up pics on the weekend, and take them down later on.

I think there is 4 Brizzy guys already coming, need to get the full tally.

The best way to get to the airport is by rail, the air trains rule for that, my missus and I took it a block away from the Regent (cinema).

Kensei i think was either going to stay with relies or rent a place to crash, That'd be the best option, sharing a room/s.

I'm staying with Andy, with only room for me, the missus and my bro.

There is a backpackers around the mall i think.

Kensei what up?

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