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Replacement VF-25 decals


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hello guys im new to this community, just started building my 1st model the VF -25 from Bandai and managed to severely damage the decals that were provided. I tried to look online for replacement decals but had no luck. Upon reading about printing your own decals I was wondering if anyone would kind enough to scan their decal sheet and hosting it somewhere. Thanks!

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Sticker sheets to me work just as well as the decal, but decals are just difficult to put on in the right place.

I'd probably have just as much of a hard time putting on the ones to the wings like I do with the stickers lol. That's probably my only complaint about the detail of the models. The ones on the wings are so long and thin that they'll curl or are difficult to line up.

But generally when I'm done with a certain area of the kit I'll start applying the stickers/decals on so I don't have to move the massive thing around to put it in the right spot.

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