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Macross Frontier Final Episode Talkback Thread *READ 1st Post*



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same here brother :o

maybe whoever hooked us up with the ep 24 download can save us this time as well, it was up way before horrible raws even

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Deculture, that was fracking awesome, one of the best anime ending I ever seen. Major plot twist at the end including the best battle scene saturated with music by both idols.

Btw, it was minmay picture which was inside Bilrer ring, old school fan I quess.

Need HQ RAW now since the stream was choppy :lol:

All hail the Hory Froating Head

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Harem ending. I sorta called it. :lol:

And i called Minmei too. XD

I missed the 1st half but damn it was epic. Not much answers answered bvut meh.....and michel doesn't live. I wanna go cry now. :(

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FFS open ended love triangle : / .... now thats lame.

Oh God, for real? Good to see that this also fell in to the anime cliche of not friggin ever solving these plot scenarios. I swear to God, these people cannot write a romance plot to save their lives. Ugh. That is just bad screen writing.

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