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Macross Frontier Episode 23 Talkback Thread *READ 1st Post*


Episode 23  

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Welcome to the Macross Frontier Episode 23 Talkback Thread

Previous Episode threads:

Episode 17: "Goodbye Sister"

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Episode download links

General sites (Raws and subtitled, but mostly Raws)

Subtitled versions


Thread and poll opens at Thursday (9/11), 12:25PM EST/9:25AM PST (25:25, i.e. 1:25AM JST)

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Yumm test tube Vajra babies


Pilot gossip....






Someone forgot to teach her how to use chopsticks

drunk flashback











They're like bees



Should have killed Ai-Kun when we had the chance



And the bitch saves the jerk







Those eyes!!!! They're open!!!!! RUN!!!!!








HACK HACK HACK!!! Muhahahahahahah


I'm gonna kill that little loli



Alto doesn't love me!!!!!! Pity me!






Next Time






See you Next Deculture


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Ranka remembered Brera is her brother, Ai-kun kidnapped Ranka, Grace shows up and saves Brera .... sarry stuff and tells Brera that ranka is his sister

Alto's stupid brother pops up again and causes more doubt -.-

Edited by whispo
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Ranka remembered Brera is her brother, Ai-kun kidnapped Ranka, Grace shows up and saves Grace .... sarry stuff and tells Brera that ranka is his brother

um... ok...

also any reason why bilrer's hologram has to be life size


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Well didn't expect this dialouge.

Alto: "If Ranka is going to be made a tool of the Vajra... if her song is going to be made to be used against us. I will kill Ranka."

Klan: "That is your love?"

Sheryl: "I knew it. I just wanted it, for a while.... "

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Well didn't expect this dialouge.

Alto: "If Ranka is going to be made a tool of the Vajra... if her song is going to be made to be used against us. I will kill Ranka."

Klan: "That is your love?"

Sheryl: "I knew it. I just wanted, for a while.... "

ok, cannot express the amount of WTF I've got going on right now

also I think an altoxranka ending just became Plausible again... NOOOO!!!!!

Edited by anime52k8
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Next week going to be Epic.

Alto mention something about his reason for joining SMS is to protect (ranka), but now he decided to protect Frontier and since Ranka is the source of Vajra attack, killing her would mean salvation to Frontier

I could be wrong, my listening is terrible.


Ranka regains her memories and Grace said something about the little queen has awakened or something.

Waiting HD raw in the morning.

Edited by Morpheus
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Alto says he will kill ranka, if it comes to a point that she endangers the Frontier/turns evil or something like that. Klan asks "Is she your true love" or something liek that....then he clenches his fists. Sheryl in the corner says something like "let it be like this just a little while more". Alto has made his decision?

Those who called that the Vajra were peaceful got it right. Grace basically sabotaged the 117th and Ranshe's research. Apparently Ranshe contracted the virus somehow which i'm guessing is through overexposure to the vajra. Grace and Co. are plugged into a fold neural network found through research of the Vajra....can't get the rest.

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ok, cannot express the amount of WTF I've got going on right now

He also admits the reason he joined the SMS was to protect Ranka.

His talk earlier with Bilrer and Leon revealed that Vajra indeed do not have brains, but they're connected through a vast fold network, acting like a single entity... Overmind/Hivemind anyone? Anyway, didn't quite get the part on how exactly this develops into Ranka becoming their pawn.

Another interesting tidbit early in the episode is that Ranshe seems to have had the same disease as Sheryl. Seems to have gotten it from the queen. Ranka was simply born immune because her mother was sick during pregnancy?

And I think noone missed that they finally revealed that Brera and Ranka are siblings.

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Grace saves Grace?


Ssssh already fixed that typo :p

You can't believe how heart broken I feel..... poor Sheryl. Still I'm holding my hopes up for her, she either gets Alto at the end and maybe survives, or Brera kills her when she's singing during the attack.

Edited by whispo
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How much more do they want to hurt Sheryl ...... she's dying, she's beeing used, she gets mixxed up in the biggest screw up of her generation and the guy she loves is going to pick her friend over her, right when she needs him most? Cmon this aint fair against her, atleast Ranka right now chose this path of her own free will.

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