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Who had the manliest death in Macross?


manliest death  

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  1. 1. which macross character had the manliest death?

    • Roy Focker (SDFM)
    • Roy Focker (DYRL)
    • Guld Goa Bowman
    • D.D. Ivanova
    • Micheal Blanc
    • Gigile

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michael! after just watching ep20, how in hell could i vote any other way?? check back again in 5 weeks or so. :p

btw, since you differentiated between SDFM and DYRL Roy, might as well differentiate between Guld Bowman movie edition, and Guld Bowman OAV edition. makes a helluva a lot of difference, if you ask me. :)

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No Gilliam?

Being juiced by Vajra is not a man way to die, Gilliam should stay on the VF-25 and dying with it.

Michel on the other hand, died while saving his love, and manage to take down the Vajra who impale him, his last word is also manly.

The manliest death.....should go to SDF:M Kakizaki....hours before his demise he want to eat steak not knowing he will became one later (superheated human steak that is). ^_^

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haha too good, I know I first saw things about "GAR" in an episode of "ToLoveRu" basically just means to be manly

anyways from the time I saw Macross Plus movie edition until yesterday I would have always said Guld. However after episode 20 of MF its definitely Michael. Not to take away from Guld but Michaels sacrifice has just had a bigger impact on me. Gulds had that "wow holy $#it" kinda feel whereas I almost feel like I'm still mourning over Michael this morning coming into work. It just was that painful yet that bad@$$ on his part the way he went down.

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What's GAR?

Kinryu should definitely be on the list.


Found this in one of the animesuki threads:

GAR means that a character is very manly, acts very manly, or is just so awesome as a guy that we all bow down before him. :ph34r:
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Michel went out fighting, and got to tell the 60 foot tall chick that he loved her. That's a pretty decent death, in my opinion.

It is a very Impreszive Death Scene. :lol: I also vote for this death seqeunce as the most manliest. :ph34r:

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Sorry, didn't need to read any further than Guld's name.

I can't imagine anyone going through the pain barrier and succeed in achieveing his goal like he did...

Roy DYRL? psshh, he got sloppy.

Roy SDF series, 2nd place.

DD... 3rd spot. Poor Nora... he gave his all and didn't last long. (not that anyone would lol)

haven't seen the other two get the ick, spoilers piss me off so i'l place them last.

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Do you remenber guy "Dennis Lone"? He was civilian,but good photo/movie Journalist?



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Guld, by a mile. If for some very strange reason you voted for Michel, go back and watch Plus again. Especially the movie version. Man, I just don't know how you could vote for anyone over Guld here.

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Being "gar" doesn't mean being manly. The term comes from a misspelling of "gay". The idea being, a male character did something so manly, so heroic, that you were able to suspend your heterosexual-ness. I think this originated on 4chan, but don't quote me on this. For instance, Gurren Lagann fans could be said to be "gar for Kamina".

I guess it could be said that a character being "gar" means he is acting in such a way to make you "gar" for them, but that's not how the term originated.

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ah Kamina, had to remind me of him, now I have to relieve the pain of his death and Michael's all at the same time haha.

I still stand by the Michael over Guld statement. I definitely know what your saying in that regard however again my main reason for that (and it may just be because I'm still coming off the shock of his death) it just had a bigger effect on me. When Guld died it was like it was expected of him, as odd as that sounds. And he definitely pushed his body well past its limits. So maybe months from now when I'm not so down about the whole Michael just bought it stick I can rethink and compare them more objectively.

yeah and no idea about the GAR thing. First time I ever really saw it mentioned was an episode of ToLoveRu some months back and it had a caption saying "basically meaning manly" and the whole episode the guy was trying to look manly. So never really questioned it. Thanks for the heads up!

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Guld, by a mile.

Guld died a FAR, FAR more painful death and died to kill that ghost.

Guld basically killed himself with his own sword, committing Harakiri pretty much whereas Michael was already critically injured.

While Michael's death scene was SPECTACULAR, Guld's death was so badass and manly it was unbelievable.

He had the discipline to keep going, keep fighting as his own weight began to crush him, hurt him with a level of pain that I have immense respect for him continuing to fight through-- the discipline necessary to fight to the very death.



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Who's Roy Fokker? And what's DYRM?

(Sorry, someone had to say it... :p )

He's the stunt double for Roy Focker in the Macross 7 version of DYRL.

Although this might seem like an influenced decision because ep 20 just aired, I still vote for Michel. This has nothing to do with the fact that his death was so awsome, but more with the fact that he sounded scared/regretfull when dying. Beeing that open for the first time (concerning love) makes Michel more braver then we've ever seen him .... plus it sounds so cool. He proved himself to be a Man while he was really just a frightened kid.

So yeah, Michel gets my vote, though Guld comes in on a seccond place, really really close to Michel

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Michel Blanc. The reason he wins over Guld is that despite his death being a sacrifice to help protect Myung by giving Isamu a chance to save her, it was also atonement for his past actions. If we go with Guld's movie version death, he went through way more pain than in the OVA which was a simple ramming.

Roy in SDFM died a manly death, managing to make it to see Claudia one last time despite mortal injuries.

Roy in DYRL died a manly death, killing a very tenacious Kamjin, and allowing Hikaru and Misa to escape.

Gigile died a manly death in sacrificing himself to save Sivil from impending doom. Doesn't look that manly in singing.

Kinryu died a manly death in sacrificing himself to protect the Macross 7 fleet.

Kakizaki SDFM went out like a redshirt, pointless death.

Kakizaki DYRL, went out laughing, not even knowing what hit him.

Ivanov went out like a b!tch. All his piloting skill amounted to nothing when it came to attempt to avenge Nora.

Michel protected his woman from immanent death, took down a number of enemies, and managed to give Klan Klan a truthful answer. The way the scene was set up and executed made it much more powerful than any of the previous death scenes I had watched in the Macross series.

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Another for Guld:

He just realized how the woman he loved and best friend pitied his situation, how he ruined their friendship, and then was man enough to be sorry for it. And even after realizing that, stood to defend them, which caused his death. And... ouch for his death. His whole body must have caved in.

Question though, what do you guys mean by a "manly death", and what makes one more manly than the other? Or is this just subjective?

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