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Pics of finished scratchbuild Prometheus


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Hey guys, as promised here are the pics of the 1/1000 Prometheus. I really want to thank all of you macrossworld modelers since you really are an inspiration to do new things.

Build up progress on http://macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=20609

General pics

post-305-1218406681_thumb.jpg post-305-1218408122_thumb.jpg post-305-1218408890_thumb.jpg

post-305-1218409192_thumb.jpg post-305-1218409939_thumb.jpg post-305-1218410055_thumb.jpg

post-305-1218410222_thumb.jpg post-305-1218410306_thumb.jpg


post-305-1218407129_thumb.jpg post-305-1218409418_thumb.jpg post-305-1218409587_thumb.jpg

post-305-1218410445_thumb.jpg post-305-1218410562_thumb.jpg post-305-1218410680_thumb.jpg

post-305-1218410780_thumb.jpg post-305-1218410867_thumb.jpg post-305-1218410973_thumb.jpg


Comparison and 1/48 pilot playing with 1/48 :blink:

post-305-1218409732_thumb.jpg post-305-1218409842_thumb.jpg

I hope you all like it.


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You need to clean the deck, there's a speck of dust on it...oh wait, that's a VF-1!!! :lol:ABSOLUTELY AWESOME JOB!!!

I agree that it's a labor of love! All the detail work paid off! If I didn't know better, I'd say it looks like a REAL ship in use today! The line work is nice and clean and the weathering looks good too. The weapons were a nice touch as well! The bridge looks great too!

The pilot playing with plane puts the whole size in perspective! You did an awesome job on this and it just goes to show that persistence pays off!

So, when can we expect the Daedalus and SDF-1? :blink: ... -MT

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thanks everybody for your comments! they are really apreciated. :rolleyes:

Major Tom - I really didn't make hours account but I think it would be around 100 hs.

MechTech - I'm starting a couple of Hasegawa VF-1 for a change and I was thinking on some ground vehicles. After that I'll start the Daedalus (I'll need a little of your help on this one) and when finished, the SDF-1 B))


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en serio?? vas a hacer el Deadalous y SDF-1...que locura, cuanto tiempo crees que te tomara hacerlo??

y me encantaria ver un WIP de tus Hasegawa VF-1... ah si, deberias hacer a Max jugando con mini-kakizaki vf-1 tu avatar, hahaha

Well, I have a 2 year-old son that have most of my time, so it will take time. The Daedalus should be faster given the experience with the Prometheus, but the Macross will be hard.

About the VF-1, I wont be making a step-by-step since there are many already on this forums and they are really great, so no need of another one; but I'll tell you this scoop: it will be a block 5 (or TV version) of the cockpit.

Absolutely fantastic. This is a Outstanding work, congratulations!

Si alguna vez voy a Bariloche, espero poder verlo con mis ojos! ;)

Thanx! I love your work too, and sure, let me know if you come here someday, will be great to have a meeting with another fan!


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