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Miss Macross Frontier Contest II


Who's the lucky girl?  

102 members have voted

  1. 1. Who will win Alto's heart by the end of Macross Frontier?

    • Sheryl Nome
    • Ranka Lee
    • Klan Klan
    • Luca lulz
    • None

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The inescapable...

As for the actual poll, to be honest, I could care less about who he winds up with, and more about what the deal is between the girls. I thought the whole q-1 thing killed Ranka's chances, but now it seems Sheryl is Fairy-9, so it's balanced out.

For me it's more the inverse with the whole fairy9 who killed Sheryl's chances with Ranka the q1 wich comes after and makes the thing more well-ajusted.

So, the show promises to be not so good for both of them, with obviously an end not so " happy" for Sheryl , either in the plot (what is she? will she survive? Connection with Grace and Brera..) or in the romance( Until now ,I don't see the so called predictions comed true, well nobody can become a forecaster ^_^ ) Disturbing no ?

I also find it amusing that some of the more hardcore Sheryl fans don't see Ranka as a threat, when she is obviously starting to. The gloves are coming off, and she's becoming a bit more underhanded.

At least they will be aware of it in the last episode or before her possible death ^_^

it's always kind of funny to see how staunchly people defend their girls whether it's warranted or not. ^_^

I'm laughing myself ( even if I can be a part of it , but I doubt because there is always worse ) :)

From my observations as a neutral (not biased towards either Ranka or Sheryl) seeing how the story is progressing, Ranka will win Alto's heart...but...they will not end up together.

The two things can also be possible but it's very probable.

I think Shoji Kawamori has watched one too many Korean dramas. ;)

Or soap opera :)

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