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Shonen Ace - Macross Frontier Manga, Chapter 6


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Announcement: Today's concert is the last, Sheryl will go home to Galaxy--

Ranka: Have to hurry.


Text: There is no such thing as goodbye anymore.


Comm: At this moment Galaxy carriers Dalphim and Kaitos are both-- Bu...but!

Monica: There is no signal from the main Galaxy ship...It is most likely already...

Wilder: This isn't the time to get sentimental. All ships prepare for battle. We'll do whatever it takes to rescue the Dalphim and the Kaitos.

Cathy/Ram/Meena/Boby: Understood!


Michel: You heard, right Alto!

Alto: Shut up!

Luca: Leave the data gathering to me.

Whoever: Let's go!


Luca: Simon, Johanne, Petro, (Please don't kill me for these transcriptions) Go!


Michel: As expected of Luca's Ghosts, they're doing pretty well at stopping the enemy's advance.

Klan: Quit the chatter. Get to work!

Michel: Geez, still as annoying as when we were kids. I know what to do without being told.


Michel: Alto, I'll let you have the glory.

Alto: Uoooooo!


Alto: Go it...!

Ozma: Pay attention! There are still more of them! We're gonna kick their asses all at once!


Ozma: Canalia! I opened a path for you! Get on the Dalphim!

Canalia: Got it...


Canalia: Go to hell! Monstrous bastards!


Sheryl: Everyone! Listen to my song!

Ranka: What's taking Alto-kun so long...It would be a waste if he misses such an incredible concert. It looks like someone called him somewhere though. I wonder if something happened...


Ranka thoughts: But he did ask me out...

Alto: H-hey. I'll let you have this. That's not it. I just got my hands on two of them somehow...This is a present for your debut.

Ranka: O-okay.

Ranka thoughts: Wait...isn't this a date! This is a date, right...most people would think so.


Ranka thoughts: Thinking of it that way makes me nervous...

Ozma's phone message: Ranka, I should have told you in person, but it's hard to say. I'll be working tonight so I won't be home. Ozma

Ranka: Work...it can't be...Alto-kun too...!


Whoever: Five minute break.

Sheryl: How is it going, Grace?

Grace: Very well. It seems that Frontier's military is better than I expected.

Sheryl: That's not it. I'm talking about the concert.

Grace: My, you are not worried about that young pilot that you are so interested in?

Sheryl: Worrying is not my job. I'll continue doing my own job.


Ozma: Ok, we'll move in like this!

Everyone: Got it!

Monica: Kaitos, 450 until it is clear of the battlefield. At this pace it should--De...defold reaction!?

Ozma: What the hell is this?!


Ozma: A Vajura mothership? It came by a direct fold!?

Meena: Large energy reading coming from withing the enemy ship!


Ozma: Luca! get away from the Kaitos!


Luca: Aaaaaaaaa!

Alto: The Kaitos was sunk...in one shot...


Michel: Luca! Answer me! Luca! They...got Luca!

Alto: Lucaaaaa!


Sheryl: --We're finally at the last number. Did everyone enjoy themselves?

Ranka: Onichane...Alto-kun...Everyone's fighting, yet I am...

Sheryl: Then, if I may, I wonder if I can ask for something selfish for this last song.


Sheryl: I'd like to sing this last song for a certain person...no, for the sake of a certain group of people. Right now they are far away...I'd like to do this since they are risking their lives.

Ranka: Sheryl-san...she knows about Alto-kun and the others...yet she still...


Sheryl: I can't do anything other than to sing, but because of that I'd like you to sing with me.


Sheryl: Well then, let's begin!! The song that will reverberate across the galaxy!!

Sheryl box: So that it seems as if a wind blowing before you. (this is plural, but I don't want to use you guys because it doesn't suit her style of speech)

Michel: It's no use Alto! It's artillery fire is like a hedgehog!


Sheryl Boxes: So strong/within the endless sky

Alto: It doesn't matter if it's a hedgehog or whatever!!

Ranka Box: as if we were flapping our wings


Michel: That idiot...I'm used to being support! What is that unit?


Alto: Uooooo


Alto: I'm heading out to rescue Luca!

Klan: Michel, protecting the Dalphim has priority!

Michel: I know!

Ozma: Alto...Luca...don't die!


Com: Skull 3, 4, signals lost.

Cathy: Dalphim's protective escort is not sufficient!

Bobby: Captain!

Wilder: Yes...there's no other choice but that...

Cathy: That...?

Meena: All areas, no abnormalities. We are ready.

Ram: Let's show them Quarter's power.

Monica: Yeah.


Cathy: Wa...Wait a moment! You plan to take this ship the to the front line? Even if it is for the pilots sakes.

Wilder: Not only that. If we retreat the Dalphim will be sunk. Plus we will show the power of a ship bearing the "Macross" name. Transformation.


Alto: What's going on? There's nothing but dead bodies in this ship. Luca?!

Luca: Sen...pai...

Alto: So you're alright! Hold on a sec, I'll...


Alto: Ugh- damn...at a time like this...


Alto: Who are yo...huh!

Com: Skull 4, hurry and move out of the way


Monica: Skull 3, 4, retreat confirmed. Energy at 120%.

Bobby: Submit!!


Macross Cannon


Bobby: All Right!!

Monica: The Vajura are withdrawing.


Michel: Geez, you overdid it.

Klan: Same as always.

Ozma: You made us worry. I'm gonna give you a really hard time later, but...good job.


Sign: Fold Space

Brera: That voice...

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Chapter 6, page 36.

That's all for now.

The last 7 pages of chapter 6 will be scanned and uploaded tomorrow, assuming no other distractions.

The next issue of Shonen Ace containing Chapter 7, gets released in Japan in two days time, so I'll see if I can snag one of the airmail copies, instead of waiting for the surface mail delivery .



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Hi Graham:

Here's the splash page of 38 and 39.

Now, it's just up to ack em to work on the translation and broody to get the translations worked into the manga.

Then on to Chapter 7 !

Thanks a bunch!

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