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Macross Frontier Episode 10 Talkback Thread *READ 1st Post*


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Welcome to the Macross Frontier Episode 10 Talkback Thread

Previous Episode threads:

Episode 4: "Miss Macross" + Opening Theme "Triangler"

Episode 5: "Star Date" + Ending Theme "Diamond Crevasse"

Episode 6: "Bye Bye Sheryl" + Ending Theme "Diamond Crevasse" + "SMS Team Song: That Girl's an Alien" (Macross Radio rip)

Episode 7: "First Attack"

Episode 8: "High School Queen"

Episode 9: "Friendly Fire" + OST vol. 1


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Episode download links

General sites (Raws and subtitled, but mostly Raws)

Subtitled versions


Thread and poll opens at 12:25PM EST/9:25AM PST (25:25 JST)

REMINDER: Episode 11 will air on 6/19.

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And by the end of the year Mr. Kawamori will release Macross Zero movie edition that will turn out to be the movie that was made in the Macross Frontier


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A little behind the scenes action


bleh, you don't know where she has been

Time for Ranka to get some from the Hime



yes! finally, that is awesome, now did she do it cause Sheryl did it before and if she kiss him is like kissing all that kissed him before? or cause it was on the script

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yes! finally, that is awesome, now did she do it cause Sheryl did it before and if she kiss him is like kissing all that kissed him before? or cause it was on the script

That's an exact replica of the scene from Macross Zero episode 3. So it should be in the script.

If I had to guess, I'd say that the screenshot above is Sheryl sanctioning the enactment of aforementioned scene.

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Miranda, winner of the Miss Macross Contest


Rick Hunter!

or Isamu Dyson. :lol:


U wish... He looks more like

Soji Kawamori to me (same complexion, skin color and/or hair... just add a beard)... He must be George Yamamori (ジョージ・山森), the director of the "Bird Human" film

... ^_^

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Excellent episode. This one is particularly litered with in-jokes. I'll leave the Macross related ones for you folks. But the TV interviewer brought a chuckle - she looks almost exactly like a TV personality. After that, I was watching the supporting characters, trying to figure out if any other ones were based off of other TV personalities (none that I spotted, but the director was very familiar...)

It was a neat twist where they had the ending credits (and they doubled as the ending credits for the movie!) before the end of the episode! The focusing on the end of Macross Zero also made me start thinking some deep thoughts about how that series connects with this one...

Not sure if anyone noticed, but I believe that the following message was flashed across the screen: next episode on June 16th.

Interesting in that the next episode is supposed to be Ranka Rii's depute, and her "debute" single is released on the 25th!

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Did some poking of the net:


MBS 06.12 during Macross F's time slot: ランク王国 w/ 【MC】 斎藤友紀


MBS's Macross F page has all the previews for the coming episodes online.


As of the moment of posting, the main yahoo page has Macross F front and center. "Adult's also can be enjoying anime"

I read somewhere that Macross F is (very) popular here. I'm expecting character goods of the main characters, specifically the two female leads, shortly. Especially considering how high they both were in this past month's Newtype female character poll! (Nope. No male characters in the male top 10. Not a big surprise, though.)

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