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2008 Tokyo International Anime Festival

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Yesterday me and SaveRobotech went to the fair to take in the big sights. Our first stops were satelight and beagle.


satelight is the hoary domain of his froatyness, where he commands his legions to do his bidding. BTW, I highly approve of the apparel he clothes his female minions in B)) Its good to be the king ^_^

The display there had no surprises, the most recent products on display as usual. The bandai VF-25 prototype was there, as was the large scale Minmei doll, which had the new head sculpt. Looks better, but lackling the Mikimotoish touches.

One new product that was mentioned by the satelight gals was the Macross Chronicles. A monthly publication that includes information from all Macross series to be compiled into 3 binders.

Ok, Save, post up your pics

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Yeah between working, Anime Fair, drinking at DOLCE, managing the glass list, and being hung over it's not going to happen soon need a few days.

I'm so MACAROSS WORLD's bitch!!!! (It's a joke please don't take it any other way guys and gals.)

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