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Which version of the SDF-1? matchbox vintage or new 1/5000 DYRL?


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I am looking to get an SDF-1 for my growing macross collection and was wondering which everyone thought was a better toy?

The new 1/5000 is nice, but its in DYRL paint and design which is ok, but I am partial to the old 80's colors and look of the vintage matchbox.

Does anyone who has both, or seen both have any recomendations?


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I have an old matchbox and LOVE IT! However I am also planning to get the new wave one but am not 100% sure. You will be spending about the same amount of money but with the matchbox you get a nice size TV colored one that is slightly crude in its sculpt but still beautiful whereas with the wave one you get a tiny little DYRL colored one that has a gorgeous sculpt. My Matchbox really stands out in my collection display. I do not have the wave one yet but I have a feeling that it would get lost (visually speaking) in the display unless I showcased it especially (room permitted). Also, when I got the matchbox it was mainly because my parents would never get it for me when I was a kid and getting it myself was very fulfilling. Check out scorched earth toys reviews of both. They have nice photos too.

EDIT: in terms of battleship mode, I prefer the Matchbox hands down to the wave in terms of looks but in robot mode the wave one does shine!

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