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How to complete the Macross PS2

Isamu test pilot

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Ok, I received my PS2 Macross game and I started to play it 3 days ago, I already finished both series TV and movie mode and as you know every level you get a card of a Valkyrie to unlock that Valkyrie...

Well I check and I only have 12 cards and I remember that the total is 20 cards I guess, but I ca not get all of them it does not matter how hard I try...

Someboy corld give me some tips or help me with this, please

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It's a couple of years since I last played, but IIRC some of the requirements for unlocking the different color schemes are pretty tough, like getting 'S' grade in every mission.

Heck, I was happy just to get the VF-4.

I personally didn't care about unlocking all the different VF-1 schemes as it's just the same Valk basically with different colors. :D


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it's really not that bad. i'm horrible at video games, but managed an "s" a day. there really isn't much strategy involved. most of the levels are straight forward. you do have to get an "s" with the appropriate valk in each level in order to receive the "s" and be able to save it.

this is an excellent game guide with the exception that it calls everything by its robotech names :rolleyes:


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Get all S ranks is the best way to unlock the majority of valks. Using Max's 1A vs Myira and getting an S unlocks Max's 1j or something, don't remember lol.

All I know is.....

Play kakizaki's 1a on the DYRL stage where he gets shot down (^_^)

It's worth the laugh

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