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MW Forum Rules & Guidelines


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Section I: Prohibited Behavior and Actions

  • No religious or political debates.
  • No graphic or vulgar descriptions/depictions of sex or sexual content.
  • No threats of violence or the doing of harm to others, their property, or their interests.
  • Personal Attacks/Flaming.
    Having an argument with another member is allowed. Substantively criticizing or analyzing the opinions, views, or statements of another member is acceptable. However, criticizing another member as a person for whatever views they may hold is not acceptable. Please discuss arguments, not each other.
  • Spamming.
    The following is a (non-exhaustive) list of what may be considered spamming and will be deleted without warning:
    • Creating a new topic in order to draw attention to another topic.
    • Responding to a post in another topic by creating a new topic.
    • Creating several new topics at once. If you have multiple questions, please group them under one topic.
    • Making short or non-nonsensical responses in order to increase your post count.
    • Commercial or unsolicited (standard) spam.
    • Cross-universe "Versus" topics.
    • Kanye West
  • Topic Bumping.
    Please do not "bump" your thread excessively. If nobody is responding to your thread, it may be because nobody is interested rather than people not seeing it. Though some bumping will be allowed sporadically (once per day), excessive bumping (several times per day) is not permitted.
  • Private Communication Via Public Forums.
    The forums are not a substitute for email or instant messenger. Please use the board's private messenger function or email for direct contact with members.
  • Bandwidth Stealing.
    Please do not post an image here in our forums only to then link to it from other websites or forums.
  • Avatars - Size Limitations.
    Avatars must be no larger than 200Kb. Resolution should be 128x128. For optimal appearance, you should resize your avatar before uploading it. Though the forum software will scale a larger image to 128x128, it will not look as good as it would were you to upload a pre-sized image. Animated avatars are allowed provided that their content does not violate any Macross World forum usage rules or guidelines.
  • Signatures - No Images.
    Signatures must be limited to text only. No images are allowed in signatures. Text signatures should be no taller than eight lines of standard-sized text.
  • Poll Spamming.
    Please do not post several polls at once. If there are already two polls visible and underway in a forum, please wait until they fall off the first page before making a new one. During periods of heightened activity, polls may be automatically closed after two weeks.
  • Non-Descriptive Topic/Click-bait Titles.
    Please do not create topics with non-descriptive or misleading titles. Forum staff may rename topics with inappropriate titles.
  • Multiple Accounts.
    Users may only have one account on Macross World. Registering more than one account for the purpose of posting while posing as someone other than yourself (original account) is prohibited.
  • Copyrights and Trademarks - Fan art and Reproduction of original casts/molds
    Discussions pertaining to direct listings, sales, resales, trades, auctions, raffles/lotteries or direct web links to offsite listings, sales, resales, trades, auctions, raffles/lotteries of any recasted items or parts of items without consent of those product originators are not allowed on Macross World. Macross World is not associated or liable for any user-generated artwork or original custom items or parts.
  • Spoiler policy
    Discussions detailing story or character plots prior to release date MUST use spoiler tags.
    [spoiler]spoiler material here[/spoiler]
    • TV shows: Spoiler tags are required for 48 hours after the original air date.
    • Movies: Spoiler tags are required for 10 days after weekend of the release date.
    • Novels/Printed material: Spoiler tags are required for 2 months after release date.
    Exceptions may applied.

Section II: Staying On-Topic

This forum is a Macross discussion forum. Therefore, topics discussed here should be limited to topics that interest Macross fans. If a topic is not specifically about Macross, it should have broad appeal among Macross fans. The 'Anime or Science Fiction' section exists on these forums because those genres are generally appealing to a vast majority of Macross fans. That is not to say, however, that every thread in that section is therefore exempt from the "Off-topic" rule. You may love the movie "Megaforce," and it may indeed be a science-fiction movie. But, that does not necessarily mean that "Megaforce" is entitled to its own thread in the "Anime or Science-Fiction" section. The staff reserves the right to delete and/or lock topics that are deemed to be off-topic at their sole discretion.

Section III: Robotech

Robotech may be discussed only as it relates to Macross. We do not want this forum to be another Robotech site. Macross World and its forums are dedicated to the original Japanese vision of Macross before Robotech changed so many aspects of it. Please do not just come here to attack or to defend Robotech or things related to it.

Section IV: The For Sale and Trade Section

Disclaimer - Buy, Sell, and Trade At Your Own Risk!
These forums are provided to facilitate communication between private, independent parties that are interested in buying, selling, or trading Macross (and similar) merchandise. Other than communication, Macross World does not provide any other mechanism for facilitating these transactions and assumes no responsibility for damages suffered by a party taking part in these private transactions. Macross World does not assume any responsibility or liability for ensuring the trustworthiness or validity of buyers or sellers and offers no mediation or resolution services. By making use of this section, each member acknowledges that Macross World and its ownership, administrators, and staff, assume absolutely no responsibility for any damages suffered by any party during a transaction arranged via these forums.

Rules - Buy/Sell/Trade Sections

These sections will be supervised by the moderation staff only to enforce site rules and the rules set down below. All transactions in this section are undertaken between independent, consenting private parties and are in no way sanctioned, endorsed, or guaranteed by Macross World, its ownerships, administrators, or staff.

  • Only Macross, Macross-related, or similar merchandise will be allowed in the For Sale or Trade forums. Please be aware that any item that is not Macross merchandise, directly related to Macross, or reasonably similar may be removed from the Sale/Trade section by the staff at their sole discretion.
  • Items to be offered for direct sale/trade should be listed only in the Sale/Trade section.
  • Items listed on sites outside of Macross World (such as eBay) should be listed in the Where to Buy Macross, Auctions & Dealers Specials Section.
  • People looking for items should post in the Wanted section only.
  • All threads offering an item for sale must have a posted price. "Silent Auction" style listings are not allowed. This rule includes (prohibits) "Make me an offer" listings. Failure to post a price will subject the thread to immediate deletion.
  • Items offered exclusively for trade only must be listed as such, otherwise they must have a posted price. Failure to do so may may subject the thread to immediate deletion.
  • For clarification purposes it should be assumed that potential buyers posting "dibs", "PM Sent," or other such posts in sale/trade listings should not expect any special consideration given to them by the seller for being "first in line" unless they have heard directly from the seller that they are indeed the purchasing party. Always rely primarily on direct communication and confirmation from the seller. Do not assume that you are guaranteed an item by being first to post in a thread. Macross World administration and staff will not mediate or oversee disputes. This note is here solely for your information and advisement.
  • The "Straight Shooter List" and "Blacklist" are provided based upon responses from the membership and in no way constitutes support or endorsement of any member, business, or individual by Macross World, its ownership, administration, or staff. These lists are provided simply as a reference for members based solely on member feedback and should in no way be seen as "proof" of the trustworthiness or lack thereof of any seller or buyer. As always, buyer beware!
  • The following are prohibited from sale or trade in this section. Any sale or trade threads offering any of these items will be removed without notice.
  • Firearms and any projectile weapon, including their accessories and parts. This includes, and is not limited to: Dartguns, slingshots, Bows, Airsoft or other "fake" or simulated firearms or weapons, "homemade" projectile weapons.
  • Edged weapons or other blunt weapons (This does NOT apply to non-firing replicas of sci-fi items like "blasters", "light sabers" and such)
  • Motor Vehicles or any other mechanical object governed by a Title of ownership
  • Any Real Property governed by a Title of ownership
  • Any Explosive device rated Class C or above including all commercially available Fireworks
  • Any controlled or over-the-counter substances including Narcotics, Stimulants, Additives or Supplements
  • Any perishable fruit or foodstuff.
  • For purposes of International, Federal, State and Local Tax and Import/Export duties/levies on transactions, Macross World is to be held unaccountable. Private parties engaging in transactions in the sale/trade section are responsible for any taxes, tariffs, duties or fees generated by their transactions.
  • Challenging a seller's price in public is not allowed. If you feel there is unscrupulous activity or a mistake, PM the seller or a moderator.
  • Do not publicly post a price from a different sale thread or cite an outside source to a seller on their thread
  • Flipping merchandise (the act of purchasing an item and quickly reselling it for profit) bought from MacrossWorld on Macrossworld is not allowed. You cannot sell an item that you just bought from the for sale section for more than the price you bought it for. There will be a one year statute of limitation for each item.

All Rules and Guidelines above are subject to the interpretation of the Macross World Staff. The Macross World Staff reserves the right to modify these rules at any time. By accessing this forum and website, you agree to abide by these Rules and Guidelines.

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